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Vermont Nut Free Chocolates Review

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Our gourmet chocolate truffles, fruit creams, mint creams, caramels, raisin clusters, chocolate bars and novelty items are made in small batches the old fashioned way from the finest nut free ingredients. – Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

The Review Wire - Vermont Nut Free Review

Living with a child that has peanut allergies can be very frustrating, especially around the holidays. It can be hard to find candy wither it be chocolate or not that is totally nut free, even made in a facility that is nut free. And come to find out that it can even vary with the same manufacturer. The same product can be made in different facilities with different peanut standards. Frustrating! So when I had a chance to review Vermont Nut Free Chocolates I was excited.The Review Wire - Vermont Nut Free Review

I received several of Vermont Nut Free’s specialty chocolates: a Crispy Cupid Heart, a bag of Mini Hearts, a Heart Pop and a box of Carmel Rose Hearts. I took pictures of the product seen above and set out the box of hearts to try later. I went to put the other items away and was gone but just a few minutes. When I came back half the box of chocolates were gone! My husband and kids managed to gobble them down. I guess I can’t complain, they did save me some. When I did get to one, it was so delicious. The chocolate just melted in my mouth. I loved the caramel center too, it was nice and creamy.

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The big Crispy Cupid Heart was made with crispy rice (or rice crispies). The chocolate was excellent. I would definitely get these again. And to know that they are peanut free and I don’t have to worry, and the high-quality chocolate is worth the extra price.

In addition to chocolates, Vermont Nut Free also offers marshmallows on a stick, truffles, jelly beans, varieties of bark, granola bars, homemade fudge and chocolate covered pretzels. Their chocolate pops come in a variety of styles like dinos, butterflies and graduation caps, and available in milk, dark and white chocolate. Also available are baking supplies like unsweetened baking chocolates and candy melts. Are you celebrating? You can find chocolate cigars, crosses and even it’s a boy/girl pops. Vermont Nut Free Chocolate has you covered!

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