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Review: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader: Salutes the Armed Forces & Takes a Swing at Baseball

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What is a Bathroom Reader and how did the Bathroom Reader come about?

Uncle John found himself stranded on his throne with nothing to read. That’s when he came up with the idea to launch a series of trivia books specifically tailored toward his fellow bathroom readers. He gathered together the best trivia writers he could find and charged them with the task of combing the worlds of science, history, sports, politics, and pop culture to compile dozens of interesting articles that could be absorbed in just a few minutes.

I was sent two of Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers to review. My kids really enjoy reading these books, they contain a lot of trivia, facts, stories, and interesting tidbits.

Takes a Swing at Baseball

Takes a Swing at Baseball – dedicated to all things baseball. With baseball season in full swing, my kids who all play ball, are loving this book! My nine year old will remember trivia from this book and will want to talk about it out of the clear blue and recite certain facts while we are watching our team on TV (it is the Reds by the way)!

  • Do you know the 6 players who had candy bars named after them? Page 50
  • 7 Bonehead plays made by major leaguers. Page 51
  • FDR gives baseball the green light. Page 83
  • Learn about team mascots. Page 178
  • Baseball by the Letters from A to Z. Page 217
  • Learn how a baseball is made. Page 259
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Salutes the Armed Forces

Salutes the Armed Forces – dedicated to all the branches: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. 487 pages of all things military. All my kids love learning about the military, especially from their grandpa and watching the History Channel with their dad. This would make a great book for any military buff.

  • Learn about the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (they have been active in every American war since the Revolution) Page 23
  • Find out how the unofficially Navy Song, “Anchor’s Aweigh” came about. Page 116
  • Find out where you can see interesting Civil War artifacts. Page 162
  • Find out about Tarawa Atoll’s island of Betio. Page 384
  • Find out about The Girl Behind The Wall, a 21-year-old daughter of immigrants that won a contest and became part of American history. Page 432
  • Find out about the USO. Page 462

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

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