Review: Watch the $avings Add Up Review: Watch the $avings Add Up Review: Watch the $avings Add Up

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In the instance you aren’t a “savvy shopper” you may not have heard of Being that Dena and I had a savings website before she launched TRW, we will continue to live a frugal lifestyle.

Both of our families enjoy food – you can consider us foodies! Our husbands love looking for the hottest burger joint and getting away with not spending an arm and a leg doing it. So we often turn to when they are running their 80% off sale. This is the time when you can pick up a $25 gift certificate for just $2! That’s a huge savings. But, here’s where you gotta watch – the gift certificates often have stipulations like you must tip 10%, only valid Monday-Thursday, etc.

In the end, you’ll still be saving your family money and enjoy a new eatery you may have not otherwise tried.

Here’s how to place an order:

1. Head to

2. Click “Give a Gift” in the upper right corner of the page. By doing this, you’ll be able to get new gift certificates as they become available and also give a gift in the instance you forget about a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift! Also, you can redeem the gift certificate when out of town!

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3. Choose the quantity of the eGift Cards and the value and click “Buy Now“. I often purchase 6-10 $25 gift certificates with a promo code that I enter in the box in the upper right corner.

*Note: From October 11-16, 2011 use code TOUCHDOWN to save 80% on your entire purchase!



How to Redeem a Gift Certificate:

1. Visit

2. Click “Redeem a Gift” in the upper right corner.

3. Enter your gift certificate number and the Captcha code.

4. Enter the zip code that you’d like to dine in and select the restaurant you’d like to visit. Then simply print out your gift certificate and redeem!

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