Moon Dough Review: Moon Dough Breakfast Kit Moon Dough Review: Moon Dough Breakfast Kit    

Moon Dough Review: Moon Dough Breakfast Kit

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I’m not one for messes. I like a nice, neat, clean and organized home – therefore we typically play with toys that are messy out back – which is when we have warmer weather. With the weather turning cooler here in Cincinnati that means we stay inside and try to find creative ways to entertain ourselves without making to much of a mess. So needless to say, I was a little distraught when Dena gave Mini Me The Moon Dough to review. I was screaming on the inside, but, controlled myself – paybacks!

The Moon Dough Breakfast Kit comes with:

  • 3 Popper Molds
  • 1 smaller mold
  • 1 red dough
  • 1 yellow dough
  • 1 Playmat
  • Instructions

We are a homemade play-doh kinda family. I hate paying for things that I know will go to waste. So when I was asked to review the Moon dough I was VERY skeptical. We’ve never played with Moon Dough before (yes, we live under a rock!) and needless to say Mini Me literally played with the Moon Dough for at least an hour and a half the first time we opened it! She was creating all types of food with the molds and even made her own fork! She was so excited to show me her creations!!! The Moon Dough Breakfast kit was perfect for Mini Me as she loves to cook and bake (she gets that from her Momma).

The moon dough is very light and airy. I tried to get it to stick onto my clothes, and unlike play doh, couldn’t get it to – that makes Momma very happy! The molds were also very easy for Mini Me to use and she didn’t have any problems getting her creations out. Also, unlike homemade play doh (the only kind we play with!), the Moon Dough doesn’t leave your hands feeling chalky or like you need to hurry up and wash them after your done playing!

Sooo much fun!

– Doesn’t dry out
– Hypo-allergenic
– Wheat free
– Virtually Odor Free (had a faint smell)
– Easy Clean Up – Take a piece of Moon Dough and dab the small pieces.

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The Moon Dough did seem to break down into tiny pieces (that ended up on the floor). With the dough being so light and airy I’m pretty sure that’s why. I also wish that it came with something to store the dough, playmat and molds in. For the time being I put it into a ziploc bag and have it stored in the “craft” drawer.

If you’ve got a tot I highly suggest getting a Moon Dough kit for him/her. It not only lets them be creative, but, it’ll keep them entertained for a long while…which is hard to do 😉

As I was doing some research there are all types of Moon Dough Kits and colors. They have a Barnyard, Diner, Puppies, Pizza Shop, Fun Food Kit and so many more. So whatever your tikes CURRENT interest, you’ll find one that’s sure to excite them. The prices aren’t bad either. I saw a few of them starting out at just $8.99. In the instance you score a Michaels coupon you can pick this up for as low as $5!

You can purchase Moon Dough at most major retailers like Target,, Walmart, Toys R Us and even Michaels.

Disclosure: I was provided with product for this review.  All views and opinions with regard to the Moon Dough Review or the company are my own and were not influenced  by the company.


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