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Fill In The Blankie Personalized Baby Blanket

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Are you lookin’ for a unique gift to give for a baby shower, Baptism, or a wedding? If so, consider personalized baby blankets from!

I received an email from Fill In The Blankie shortly after giving birth to Sissa. So I jumped on the opportunity to have one made for her and bring you my thoughts along with a discount and a giveaway!

My first thought was that the blankies I would want were a little on the expensive side. However, once I received the blankie I realized the quality of the blanket far surpassed my expectations! I fell in love with it! The blankie was exactly what I had expected and more.

Once I got onto the Fill In The Blankie website I instantly was drawn to the Natalie’s On Cloud Nine blanket that sells for $109. While it looked comfortable, warm, and snuggly, I didn’t want a heavy blanket because we have plenty of them.

I knew I wanted something that we could use all year round and the Hazel’s Pride and Joy, $109 was the one I chose. I liked that the price already included the personalization and the satin trim. That made it easier for me to know exactly what I would be paying and no hidden surprises at the end. The site also offers a plethora of fonts to choose from, which, was a hard decision for me because I liked four or five of them. Product Review

The satin trim gives the blankie a statement and that touch of elegance to it. The blankie itself is simply beautiful with the woven pattern you can’t go wrong! This blankie would make a great gift in welcoming a new family member. Not to mention the look on her face when I present it to her when she has a child…. brings a tear to my eye just thinkin’ about it!


Sissa’s blankie has her name and reads:

” ~ Dream Until ~ Your Dreams ~ Come True ~ Sweet Dreams ~”


I loved the fact that I could add a little extra. I was able to add an icon to all the sides of the blankie which I think was a great touch! With the blankie centered around dreams, I thought the stars were a perfect touch! It was $7 to add on the icon, but, so worth it.

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The only disappointment I had, was that I really wanted the Glow in the Dark thread. However, shortly after my order, I received an email saying that the thread had been breaking and wasn’t currently available. While I looked forward to seeing how a glow in the dark thread worked, I appreciated them taking the time to email me and let me know. I would rather have a great product that one that would come apart after several washings.

I have washed the blankie at least 6 times already and it looks like brand new. How in the world I’ve kept a WHITE blanket spotless with a newborn and a 4-year-old is beyond me! This is my first personalized blankie for Sissa and I hope that it’ll hold up for her to share with her children one day! Product Review

Overall I’m very satisfied with how simple the website was to personalize the blankie. It was super simple. If you are clueless on what you want the blankie to read you can simply select the occasion and it’ll come up with suggestions…CLEVER!

Want to order a personalized blankie? Fill In The Blankie wants to give you a break and save you 20% off when you use code TRW20 (exp 2/18/11). This is an exclusive discount code to our readers so be sure to use it. I know there are A LOT of pregnant women right now and any one of them would LOVE to have one of these blankies in a gift basket or to use to wrap up a pack of diapers!


This company is no longer in business but you can visit our other blanket reviews!

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