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Review: #Cincinnati LEGO KidsFest

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Cincinnati LEGO KidsFest

I had the opportunity to take my kids to the Cincinnati Lego KidsFest at the Duke Energy Convention Center. The favorite spot was the giant Lego pile. There must have been thousands upon thousands of Lego for the kids to build with. We got there about an hour before closing so it wasn’t that crowded, which was nice. There were so many cool Lego statues like the Harry Potter, Clone Troopers, Batman, Cars, Spongebob, The Hulk and so many other cool statues that I can even begin to think how many hours it took to build them all. The kids were mad when it was time to go, they want to stay and explore every single station that was set up.

Cincinnati | Lego KidsFest

Here are just a few of the dozens of interactive activities we saw at LEGO KidsFest:

– Get the chance to learn new building skills from a LEGO Master Builder and try out the LEGO Master Builder Academy! We didn’t get to do this.

Cincinnati | Lego KidsFest

– NEW!  Bring out your inner artist in the LEGO Art Gallery. Using a wide pallet of LEGO bricks you can use the Master Builder-provided suggestions or create your own masterpiece and display your creative work for all to see in the LEGO Art Gallery.

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– NEW!  At the Heartlake City, home of the LEGO Friends, you can help build and create Heartlake City.

– The LEGO KidsFest Marketplace features products including LEGO Star Wars t-shirts, brick storage bins, 2012 KidsFest bracelets, and the Bissell Perfect Sweep Turbo (it picks up bricks!).

– At the Reading Rest Stop, enjoy an assortment of DK Publishing books like DUPLO Rescue, LEGO Kingdoms: Defend the Castle, The LEGO Ideas Book, and The Star Wars Visual Dictionary – in comfortable furniture provided by Guidecraft.

Cincinnati | Lego KidsFest

– In the LEGO Challenge Zone,  families can compete together in speed tower builds and other cool activities.

Cincinnati | Lego KidsFest

– The Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center created a space called the Garden of Giving. For a $1 donation, you can build a LEGO flower and “plant” it in the garden.  All proceeds benefit the Children’s Hospital.  The LEGO Children’s Fund matches all donations, up to $10,000.  The more you build, the more they give!

Make sure to read my post on other LEGO KidsFest Activities and how to build a four leaf clover. Check out How To Build a Lego Alien. 

Make sure to stop by LEGO KidsFest to find a location near you!

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