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RevAir Dryer: A Reverse Air-Dryer Video Review Part 2

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In case you missed the first RevAir video, I go through the unboxing and assembly of the RevAir Air Dryer. You can catch it here, RevAir Part 1.

The Review Wire: RevAir Air Dryer

In this video, I went out on a limb to show you want I look like with wet hair, yikes, please don’t run away just yet! I have used the RevAir Air Dryer several times, and each time, I like it more and more. I will honestly say that at first, I wasn’t too excited about it because it left my hair so straight and I usually do not wear my hair like that. I did, however, like the way my hair felt after even just the first use. It was silky smooth and shiny… like buttah!

In experimenting with it each time, like holding the want straight up to try to give it a little boost at the roots or twisting the wand near the ends of my hair to give it a bit of direction, I have been using it more often and liking my hairstyle! Sometimes, after using the RevAir, I have taken my round brush and styled it like I usually would with my hairdryer (I know this defeats the purpose, but I like the outcome!) This pulls it together a bit more and doesn’t leave it as straight, giving me the desired oomph and style I love!

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Take a look at the video and let me know what you think of the RevAir.


There are some pros and cons of the RevAir that I want to highlight:


  • Leaves hair silky smooth – A#1 Reason!!
  • It is made for all hair types
  • Leaves your hair healthier
  • No frizzy hair even with humidity
  • No flat irons needed, so less style time
  • Customizable hair settings for all hair types
  • No more sweating from the hairdryer heat


  • It is loud
  • Hassle to put away & store if used every day
  • It is big, so it takes up space on the countertop
  • With such a long hose, it can get awkward to hold

Overall, I do like how my hair feels and looks after using the RevAir. I especially love using it in the summer, so my hair is less frizzy in the humidity! So far, the benefits have outweighed the size and loudness. I am happy I was able to try the RevAir as I would never have believed what it could do for my hair!

The Review Wire - RevAir Review

Let’s Chat: What Do You Think of the RevAir?

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  1. desiree
    October 9, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    that does look long but sometime you need long hose if you have real long hair or if the kid is fussy

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