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Re-Cap of 2011

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Wow! What a year 2011 was for us in both our personal and professional lives!

Being a Mother of three boys Dena has her hands full. She started a Robtoics team at her son’s school and faced the challenges of that all year! Thankfully, 2011 was a great year of good health for all 5 in her family. Dena got to travel to Europe with her Husband for their anniversary and has TONS of pictures that tell a beautiful story.


I extended my family by a head count this year! While I suffered from Hyperemesis during the pregnancy I vowed I was done bearing children…well now that I see my beautiful baby girl, I’m starting to regret saying that! I realized during this time that being a Mother is the most important job I’ll ever have in my life. I have always excelled at every job I’ve had and was realizing I wasn’t putting my 110% towards being the best Mommy I can be. Therefore, I decided to shut down my money saving website.

Our money saving site,, came to an end in September and launched The Review Wire in October! I had worked 3 years to grow CC into what it was and very sad to see it come to an end. However, I knew it was for the better because I was going to have so much fun with my girls! It takes A LOT of time to grow a website and the reward of it was very little.

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Now for the fun part! Here are the top 10 posts that had the most page views during 2011 for both CC and TRW:

1. TRW – Holiday Gift Guide | Epson Printer

2. CC – Kids Eat FREE

3. CC – How to Get the Door Store – 9

4. TRW – Crocs Berryesa Review and Giveaway

5. CC – Extreme Couponing Are You Watching?

6. CC – FREE Chipolte Anyone?

7. CC – Kroger Mega Sale Matchups, March 14-20

8. TRW – Umi Shoes Review and Giveaway

9. CC – Gelpro mat Review and Giveaway

10. CC – Marci’s Thoughts On TLC’s Extreme Couponing

Your top 3 categories:

1. CC – Current Giveaways

2. CC – Kroger Matchups

3. CC – Coupon Database

The Top 5 Giveaways of 2011 (Most Page Views):

1. TRW – Holiday Gift Guide | Epson Printer

2. TRW – Crocs Berryesa Review and Giveaway

3. TRW – Umi Shoes Review and Giveaway

4. CC – Gelpro mat Review and Giveaway

5. TRW – Star Wars & Big G Cereal $25 Walmart Giveaway


What’s your favorite article at What product reviews would you like to see more of?


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    karen M
    January 1, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    I would love to see more toy reviews for children with disabilities.. a product that suggest to help improve fine motor skills, sensory issues.

  2. Avatar
    January 4, 2012 at 6:31 pm

    That would be a great idea, but I wouldn’t be qualified to do those reviews since I really couldn’t put them to the test with my kids. I sent you an email.

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