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Power Balance Review

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Power Balance is wholly committed to creating innovative, quality, and stylish products that our customers are excited to tell their friends about. We believe people of all ages and walks of life should have access to our wearable performance technologies that maximize individual performance and help each of us enjoy life to its fullest. – Power Balance

Power Balance

Power Balance Review: I received 3 of the silicone bands in white, grey, and neon blue. I was introduced to these a few months ago when my 11-year-old just “had to have one”. He said that everyone has one and they really work to give you more strength and balance. My seven year old loves wearing his too. They never go out of the house without them. But keep in mind that is coming from an 11 and 7-year-old! Now I can’t say one way or the other whether it actually works but you know what they say about the power of believing!

Power Balance

Power Balance has been around since 2007. Each Power Balance product contains a hologram. The idea behind Power Balance is that it works with your body’s natural energy flow. Power Balance was founded by athletes and is for anyone who believes balance, strength, and flexibility are important. The Power Balance technology is worn and endorsed by many famous athletes including Basketball player Shaquille O’Neill, Baseball player Shane Victorino to Football player Drew Brees and many others. Power Balance is also available in a Neoprene Wristband and 3 Styles of Pendant Necklaces.

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