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Playshifu Plugo: Educational AR Gaming Kit

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Playshifu offers a range of educational AR toys. It started with the educational AR cards, Shifu Safari. If you are not familiar with AR (augmented reality), it means that these toys are interactive with smartphones or iPads. When you download the Shifu app and place the toys within the “play zone” they come alive! Then came more AR Cards, Minglings (AR Wooden Figures) and the Orboot (AR Globe).

Shifu Plugo - Count & Link Combo Kit

Playshifu has recently released its latest game called Plugo. The power of AR and education are combined in 5 gaming kits: Quest, Count, Link, Steer, and Piano. A gaming system that makes STEM learning super fun! Plugo comes with 4 STEM games and 250+ levels for each kit. These 8 games ensure unlimited learning & engagement. How the Plugo Count & Link Combo works

About the Games:

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Plugo Link: With magnetic hexagon building blocks, your child’s mental abilities will be put to the test with puzzles and constructional challenges embedded in different Plugo Link games.

Plugo Count: Solving mathematical questions never looked this fun—Plugo Count will make your child fall in love with problem-solving, especially when it involves numbers and algebra.

Coming soon is Plugo Steer, Plugo Quest, and Plugo Piano. You can preorder on their website.

What’s great is that Plugo App adjusts the difficulty of challenges to the child’s age! Plugo is designed for kids 5-11 years old. MSRP $80

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