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Martha Stewart Pets Line at PetSmart

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MarthaStewart4Who can resist dressing their pooch up for the seasons? My mother in law has a Bichon named Sadie that is now about seven months old. I received several of the spring Martha Stewart Pets products to try with her, all of them available exclusively at PetSmart.

The package I received included the Martha Stewart Raincoat and adorable Spring Collar with a cute flower. The raincoat is a waterproof sleeveless poncho that features a dog-bone print and is available in pink and orange. The collar is made of nylon with a pink and green flower accent. It features plastic hardware and a sturdy, metal D-ring. The collar can be wiped clean for easy upkeep.


Martha Stewart for PetSmartI also received the Martha Stewart Pets Microfiber Pocket Towel. I love this aqua color! This towel is so soft and cuddly. It is highly absorbent and made with fast-drying microfiber.

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These last 2 toys; the bunny and pig squeaky plush are so cute. If it didn’t say pets on it you could almost give it to a child! You should see the other Martha Stewart Plush, they look like baby toys. The last Martha Stewart Toy I received was a Hedgehog for the Holiday Gift Guide. My mother in law said that “The hedgehog toy is the only one that Sadie has not been able to tear open!” That is a true testament to the durability of a dog toy!


Martha Stewart Pets Review

Martha Stewart Pets Review










You can also read my review on the Martha Stewart Pets for PetSmart:Holiday Line!

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