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Baby Magic Review: Dustless Baby Powder

Baby Magic Patty Cake Review: Dustless Baby Powder

If you have ever used baby powder you know that the likeliness of coughing is soon to follow. Also, unless you carry sample size in your diaper bag baby powder is bulky and takes up a lotta room. With…

The Review Wire | OiOi Baby Bags Review

OiOi: Sophisticated Baby Bags Review

OiOi has continued to evolve, expanding from an Australian owned and designed brand to an internationally recognized label since first launching OiOi in the UK in 2002 and the USA in 2003. OiOi Baby bags are stylish, innovative and practical bags…

Sonny & Reed

Sonny & Reed Review: Baby Teething Necklace

UPDATE: July 2017 – THIS COMPANY IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS You can other teething necklaces on Amazon When Sonny & Reed contacted me, I had to have one of their products. I totally wish I would’ve had one…

Fleur & Bee Product Line

Fleur & Bee Affordable Vegan Skincare

As someone who has sensitive, dry skin, I need to pay close attention to what products I use regularly. So when I receive beauty products to try, I am very cautious. After reading up on Fleur & Bee, a…

The Review Wire: 12 Year old Boy Gift Guide

12 Gift Ideas for Your 12-Year-Old Boy

Twelve-year-old boys are so hard to understand and even harder to please. Buying them a gift is like dismantling a time bomb: cut the wrong cord, and they will blow up in your face. If you buy them toys,…