Our P&G Everyday Effect: Conservation Challenge Our P&G Everyday Effect: Conservation Challenge    

Our P&G Everyday Effect: Conservation Challenge #EverydayEffect

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P&G and SheSpeaks is coming together to bring you the P&G Everyday Effect Program! Small actions can add up to a lot! We have never been a huge “green” family but we have taken small steps to help conserve and do what we can.

Our P&G Everyday Effect

For our P&G Everyday Effect Conservation Challenge, we have done a few things:

1 – Last year I received a Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler and we have been using it ever since. The kids know what gets recycled and placed it the bin.

2 – We had our windows replaced last summer and the savings on our bills have been much lower. We can really tell the difference with the three pain glass and in temperature control. During the winter we didn’t have to jack up the heat as much.

3 – Our energy company provides yearly CFL light bulbs for free. Did you know that if you replace your home’s six most frequently used bulbs with CFLs and you can save nearly $180 over the lifetime of the bulbs? We currently use energy saving bulbs in all our lights. You should check to see if your energy company offers such a program.

4 – I have stopped buying bottles of water and started making the kids use water bottles to take to school and sports.

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5 – I keep a bunch of reusable bags in the back of my car for when I go to the grocery store. That way I don’t need to worry about using plastic bags. I also carry a Baggu Bag that I received, in my purse. It comes in it’s own little pouch for storage. This has come in handy many times.

About P&G Everyday Effect

  • Many people think their everyday actions are ordinary, and that the things they do every day can’t make a difference to help the environment. P&G believes the most effective changes don’t necessarily start with grand acts and can start much closer to home, by changing the way we think about things like waste.
  • Seemingly ordinary actions – like washing your laundry in lower temperatures, doing the dishes with concentrated products or changing a diaper that uses thinner materials – can be a surprising help to the world we share… allowing us all to reduce waste. Vist the P&G website: http://www.pgeveryday.com

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