Otterbox: HTC Inspire 4G Commuter Series Review Otterbox: HTC Inspire 4G Commuter Series Review

Otterbox: HTC Inspire 4G Commuter Series Review

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Otterbox HTC Inspire 4G Commuter Series

By: Dave The Gadget Guy

I have been using the Commuter Series for my new HTC Inspire. We have been big fans of Otterbox cases for iPhone and Blackberry so when I snagged a new Android phone, naturally we turned to Otterbox.

The Android phones coming out lately are giant, with screens that are often 40% larger than the popular iPhone. They are also thin, wide and loaded with features such as 8MP cameras. On the HTC Inspire 4G, it was the camera where the Commuter Series really helps. On many Android phones, the camera lens protrudes from the back of the handset. This creates challenges when setting the phone down, not only risking the phone but any delicate surfaces. Commuter Series fully encases the lenses and allows me the peace of mind, protecting both the phone and my table.

The Commuter Series is two-part protection. The first, inner layer is a silicone case that snugly fits around the handset. It covers the power/standby switch and volume rockers, in fact, I think they become easier to use. There is a foldaway flap at the base, protecting the micro USB and headset jack. It doesn’t always fit back on the first try, but a little fiddling seems to work.

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The second, outer layer is a hard, polycarbonate plastics shell that snaps over the silicone inner layer. This provides rigid protection for the back, the camera lens as noted, as well as provides a very slight ridge around the screen. Perfect when setting the phone screen down on a table to expose the conference call speaker. With the included screen protector, you have full 360 protection, short of dropping in the water you are covered. Like all screen protectors, this one requires a surgeon’s touch and a crystal clear screen to apply correctly.

Overall, this case provides top protection with very little bulk. Having the hard shell as the outer layer ensures it can easily slip into a pocket without snagging. And I believe that it makes the phone look better. Where iPhone 4 is almost a shame to hide in a case, this Android is the best-looking handset. Otterbox solves that while protecting my latest gadget.

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