Orange Glad Gourmet Dessert Monthly Subscription Sweet Box Orange Glad Gourmet Dessert Monthly Subscription Sweet Box

Orange Glad Gourmet Dessert Monthly Subscription Sweet Box May Review

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UPDATE: 10/2019 This company is no longer in business, please visit our other Foodie Subscription Boxes.

I was recently selected as an Orange Glad Ambassador and over the next few months, I will be bringing you the latest and greatest from Orange Glad. If you have not heard of Orange Glad keep reading…you’ll be glad you did!

Orange Glad is passionate about finding the best bakeries around and introducing them to you! How can you go wrong with fresh baked items sent directly to your door? With the Sweet Box Monthly Subscription, you have the option of a one, three or six-month box filled with five hand-picked treats and goodies!

Here is the May Selection: May 2014

Cici’s Italian Butterhorns – These hand rolled Italian cookies are light buttery dough shaped horns filled with cinnamon, sugar, and walnuts. These were a bit messy but oh so flaky and delicious.

Cici's Italian Butterhorns

Baking Betty’s – The small cookie is a peanut butter cookie filled with chocolate chips and topped with a peanut butter cup. The large cookie is their award-winning S’more cookie filled with graham crackers, semi-sweet chocolate chips and topped with marshmallows. Both fresh tasting, the peanut butter was my favorite! Baking Betty’s Gourmet Cookies is a unique bakery Boutique, whisking up fresh cookies and tasty treats daily one batch at a time.

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Baking Betty's

Baking Betty's Cookies

Welsh Cakes from The Welsh Baker – This Orange Cranberry cake is a cross between a cookie, a scone, and a pancake. They use Ocean Spray Craisins soaked in a pure natural orange extract made from Orange Oil for a tangy treat.

Welsh Cakes

Fine Sconehenge Baking Co. – This gluten-free brownie is made with dark chocolate and rice flour. The kids couldn’t even tell the difference versus a regular brownie! Fine Sconehenge Baking Co. blends traditional artisan baking with innovative flavor combinations for a reputation of producing the finest in all-natural baked goods.

Fine Sconehenge Baking Co

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