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Nutrisystem Blogger! Week 9 – #NSNation

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So what is your ideal weight?

I have been debating this for a while, what is a healthy/ideal weight that I can maintain? I say that I would like to be 150, but ideally, I would like to be 130 or 120 to look really awesome! Maybe get down to a size 2-4. But I know that is not maintainable for me. I know that for my height they say that I should be between 120-160. But right now, I still feel fat. So, I think I am going to aim for 140 pounds. I have 7 weeks left on Nutrisystem, by then I should be down to 150. You can also read about the past 8 weeks that I have had, what a typical day is like and see my lastest Vlog’s.  Here is to a better next week!

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Start Total: 178

Goal Weight: 150? 140

Week 8 Total: 162

Week 9 Total: 160.8

Weight Loss Total:  17.2

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