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Nutrisystem Blogger! Week 7 #NSNation

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I can honestly say I do not drink enough water. Nutrisystem did provide me with a 32 oz. water bottle but I just can’t seem to drink 64 oz in a day. I have switched from regular pop to diet – that’s huge for me! But now I just drink more diet pop. I vow to drink 64 oz. for a week to see if it really makes a difference. You can also read about the past 6 weeks that I have had, what a typical day is like and see my Vlog.  Here is to a better next week!

You always hear, drink water! So what are some of the benefits of drinking water:

  • Maintaining Body Temperature
  • Metabolizing Body Fat
  • Helping with Digestion
  • Lubricating and Cushioning Organs
  • Moving Nutrients
  • Flushing Toxins from your Body
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Start Total: 178

Week 6 Total: 165

Week 7 Total: 164

Weight Loss Total:  14 

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  1. Avatar
    Reanne Burnett
    June 28, 2011 at 11:46 am

    I’m with you on it being hard to drink water. Never in my 2 times on NS (both successful, so hang in there! You’re doing great) did I ever get 64 oz of water in. I love, love, love, my Diet Coke. I managed to sort of compromise by making a pitcher of Crystal Light every day. Better than soda, aaaalmost water. That was easy to chug down.

    Looking forward to more updates.

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