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Nutrisystem Blogger! Week 5 #NSNation

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There are several new Nutrisystem foods that I have tried this week.

Berries and Multigrain Flakes – very sweet but very good!

Orange Chicken Breast w/veg and Rice – too many chunks of red peppers and mushrooms. Didn’t really care for.*******Italian Herb Flatbread Pizza – sweet sauce, very small and only ok.

Pasta w/Beef – like a hearty stew, I really liked this!******

**** Red Beans Rice w/Chicken Sausage – this was ok, it gave me bad heartburn though!

Nacho Crisps – very crunchy, they got better with each bite. **

**Chocolate Nougat Bar – suppose to be like a Snickers but it wasn’t. I was just glad to be eating a “candy bar”!

Chocolate Cake – this one too got better after a few bites, very dense and dry**************

Grilled Chicken – this was so dry that I choked on it…seriously! Plus it smelled awful, almost like tuna and well that’s another food I will not eat. This is a 3.5 oz serving size which is very small, I could have put two of them on my thin bun.

Start Total: 178

Week 5 Total: 167

Weight Loss Total:  11

This past week I went out to eat 3 times and tried to eat within the proportions and calorie intake for each meal. But I guess I didn’t do a good enough job because I only lost a pound. I have been using the FREE Nutrisystem App for my iPhone for a week now and I LOVE IT! It has the daily food tracker on it and will list how many calories everything is instead of only writing down what foods you eat in the book. You can also enter “Your Foods” like a food that is not a Nutrisystem food, along with all the information like calories & serving size and it stores it for the next time you eat it. Another FREE APP that I have been using in conjunction is the Restaurant Nutrition. This lists all the top restaurants, their menu options and how many calories! This way when I am at a restaurant I can check them out before I make my decision. This has come in very handy! But it may make you not want to ever eat your favorite foods again (what you don’t know can’t hurt)!! You can also read about the past 4 weeks that I have had, what a typical day is like and see my Vlog.  Here is to a better next week!

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