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Nutrisystem Blogger! Week 36 | #NSNation

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Still at the same weight. I have not been exercising but I have been drinking a ton more water than before. I think I am going to go back to the “official” Nutrisystem diet to see if that will work. I can say that have have not stuck to it completely with all the recommend veggies and eating 3 meals with 2 snacks a day. I have been nibbling more throughout the day. Which isn’t all that bad because I haven’t been gaining but I would rather lose than maintain the current weight I am at.

August 2010










January 2012


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Start Total: 178

Goal Weight: 140

Week 33 Total: 155.2

Week 36 Total: 154.8

Weekly Weight Loss:  -.4 Pounds

Weight Loss Total:   – 23.2 Pounds!

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