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New Year’s Eve Kid Friendly Drinks

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If you are like most families I know, you have kids who want to join in on the New Years Eve celebration. They love to party too!! Why not include them, even with a mock champagne toast at midnight? Along with a sweet candy kiss!

The Review Wire New Year's Eve Kid Friendly Drinks

Set up a Bubble Bar for the kids. Purchase some of those plastic champagne glasses and some markers, let the kids design their own. On the bubble bar set up some fun paper straws, markers, and plastic cups. Let the kids color while you artfully create a drink for the bubble bar.

Pink Fizz

New Year's Eve Kid Friendly Drinks - Pink Fizz


  1. Cotton candy
  2. Lemon/lime soda

Put two bags of cotton candy in a pitcher, pour the lemon/lime over top slowly.

The cotton candy will dissolve some but will leave behind some pink fizz. Really cool!

Not all drinks should be drunk from a champagne flute. Some you just need tumblers for. I purchased some clean cups and put glitter on the bottom. I used a spray glue on the bottom and then rolled the cup in the glitter. This looks great on the Bubble Bar! And its glitter, kids love that!

Baby Bellini

A great kids drink for the glittery cups is the Baby Bellini – YUMMY!!


  1. Pineapple juice
  2. Ginger ale or soda water  (I prefer ginger ale)

Pour equal amounts in the cup and you have a Baby Bellini. Garnish with a toothpick with pineapples and a cherry.

Peach Spritzer

New Year's Eve Kid Friendly Drinks - Peach Spritzer

Image Provided by Williams-Sonoma

Another one of my favorite fruity drinks is a Spritzer!  They are fruity and refreshing.  It’s almost like a fruit smoothie and can very easily be made into one if the child wants.  Just replace the water with some ice in the blender!

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  1. 1 Cup sparkling water
  2. 1/4 Cup sparkling peach juice
  3. 1/4 Cup fresh squeezed Orange juice
  4. Sugar to taste if it’s a little tart
  5. Garnish with peaches and oranges

This next recipe is frequently requested, but the tweens in the group.  They can sip out of plastic martini glasses and still look cool with a mocktail. I’m told they look cool, like something James Bond would drink. Ok!! I bought the plastic martini glasses and since the tweens don’t want to color I decorated them. I used a gold pen and wrote the year on the cup and then added a small tag with each person’s name. No mistaking who’s cup is whose!

Red Moon Mocktail


  1. 4oz purple grape juice
  2. 2oz pineapple juice
  3. 4oz lemon-lime soda
  4. Lemon/lime peels
  5. Ice

Shake everything together. This makes one drink. Make sure you taste the first one!!

Mock Champagne

New Year's Eve Kid Friendly Drinks - Mock Champagne

Image Provided by All Recipes

And last but not least is the Mock Champagne recipe!  Yes, you could get sparkling cider, But you can put this mock champagne out in a punch bowl around 11:30 pm and let the kids use the cups they designed.  While you hand out hats and noisemakers.  Don’t forget to set out the bowl of unwrapped kisses for the kids at midnight!!


  1. Some raspberries, frozen works, just make sure they are thawed.
  2. 2-liter bottle ginger ale
  3. 1/2 can of concentrate white grape juice, thawed

Combine everything in your punch bowl.  It will fizz and pop just like champagne!  The kids will be so excited about this.  None of these drinks are strictly for kids. They could be for designated drivers or pregnant women too.

Written By: Amy Garnet

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    These are looking good and tasty

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    rochelle haynes
    December 22, 2018 at 5:34 am

    These are looking good and tasty love to fix theses
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    Nidhi Chauhan
    January 3, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    These are really looking delicious. I am gonna try Red moon Mocktail first. Thanks!

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    Debbie Welchert
    January 5, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    I wish I had these recipes before the first. It would have been so much fun having these with my grandchildren. I love the Pink Fizz drink. As soon as I get some cotton candy I’m making these for my grandchildren.

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