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Nadine West June 2019 Unboxing Video

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Each month at Nadine West, you will receive 4-6 pieces of affordable clothing that include tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, and fashion accessories. They mainly carry S-3X tops but often run low on the most popular sizes of Medium and XL. Prices range from $10 – $30 depending on what you prefer. After you receive and try-on items, you keep only what you love!!

This month, they sent me two skirts. I have asked that I not receive any skirts, but they keep sending, I am disappointed in that. They also keep sending wide-leg pants. That is not my style. In my profile, I have the “Classic” style selected. Some of the items that I am receiving are just not what I would consider “classic.”

This top below is my favorite from this months box, the white off the shoulder top paired with my own Lululemon Leggings.

June Nadine West 2019 - White Top

Tops In This Months Selection:

  • Not Your Grammys Cami in Black $25
  • Side by Side in Light Pink $24.50 (pictured)
  • Ring Bling $25.49 (pictured)
  • Lumi in Sage $24.49
  • Saige in White $24.49 (pictured)
  • Grace in Mustard $24.49 (pictured)
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A few other tops that I like, well I am still undecided on the yellow top with the black bow. What do you think? All are paired with my own bottoms, either jean shorts or leggings.

June Nadine West 2019 - Yellow Top

June Nadine West 2019 Ring Bling Top UpcloseJune Nadine West 2019 Ring Bling Top

Bottoms In This Months Selection: 

  • Summer Cartwheels in Green $12
  • Honeycomb Leggings in Black $22 (pictured)
  • Juvie in Grey $23
  • Pencil Me In in Charcoal $17

Pictured is the Honeycomb Leggings that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit in. Well, I did, and two seconds after I put them on, I wanted to take them off, aside from being a bit long for me, they were super scratchy!

June Nadine West 2019 - Honeycomb Leggings

Jewelry In This Months Selection:

  • Jaelyn Silver/Gold Bracelet $17
  • Hammered Pebbles Silver $17

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