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My Bright Smile App Review #AppsForMoms

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I recently had the chance to work with Colgate on their app called My Bright Smile, which helps kids learn about brushing. Half a billion kids around the world have benefitted from the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures oral health education program. Now, it’s offering this free educational app designed for kids age 4-6.

The app offers 5 games:

Visit the Dentist – Take a trip to the dentist while Dr. Rabbit talks about the different tools found in the office while you find and tap on them

My Bright Smile Visit the Dentist


Brush The Teeth – Pick a character and a toothbrush and help the patient brush their teeth

My Bright Smile Brush the Teeth


Fun with Floss – Clean out all the items in the maze to spell a word and then match the pictures to the correct word

My Bright Smile Floss Game


Swipe the Sweets – Swipe the treats that are not good for your teeth as the pass on the conveyer belt so only the good foods are “rung” up

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My Bright Smile Swipe the Sweets


Picture This – Slide the tiles to put the puzzle together with tips from Dr. Rabbit along the way

My Bright Smile Puzzle


Brushing Song – This song plays for 2 minutes while your child brushes. This comes in handy for those kids that like to rush, like mine. That way they can actually see how much time they have left!

My Bright Smile Timer


My Bright Smile is available for free on the Apple App Store 

Five tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy:

  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste after breakfast and before bedtime
    • Floss every day
    • Visit your dentist regularly (at least twice a year)

    • Brush for at least two minutes each time
    • Limit the number of times you eat sweet and sticky snacks

Get the App:

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Colgate. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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