Moon Dough Review: Magic Zoo Moon Dough Review: Magic Zoo

Moon Dough Review: Magic Zoo

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Moon Dough Never Dries Out and Is Hypo-Allergenic! I’m sure you have seen the commercials for Moon Dough. Or ask your kids they will know what it is. I have been putting off trying this out because it reminds me of Play-Doh, which we do not use, I just can not stand the smell of it. But don’t worry my kids aren’t deprived of the joys of playing it, they just do it at grandma’s house!

Moon Dough Magic Zoo

I was sent the Moon Dough Magic Zoo from Spin Master to review so I had to give it a try. It was better than I was anticipating. The Moon Dough Zoo set comes with a number of different easy-to-use parts. It includes a Magic Moulding Zoo (to press the animal molds),  2 Winder Walkers (to make the animals walk), 3 animal molds, a fence mold and 3 colors of Moon Dough. The dough does not come with containers so you will have to put in baggies or a storage container to store it. The dough does not have a smell to it which is great. It is super soft, very lightweight and squishy, a little too squishy if you ask me. But the kids liked playing with it and that’s what matters!

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