Monster 500 Payset and Vehicles Review Monster 500 Payset and Vehicles Review

Monster 500 Payset and Vehicles Review

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With Halloween coming up the Monster 500 Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set and Toxic Terror Trap Playset would be a fun toy to have around the house.  When both sets are put together they form a huge ghoulish and gross play area.  The bright colors, skulls, and other monsters make this race track different from the other toys around the house.  My three year old thought the faces on the monsters driving the cars were a little scary but the boys think they are awesome.  A favorite in our house is the Monster 500 “CrocPot” large vehicle.  The crockpot is a toilet car with a crocodile coming out of it that makes real flushing sounds!  The smaller Monster 500 vehicles, 3-inches diecast cars, are just as fun with a monster driving a hearse and a scary clown in a tiny pink car.  There are 10 different small monster cars and 4 large cars to collect and race.

Monster 500 Playset

The sets are easy to set up, it only took me about 10 minutes to get both sets out of the box and ready to be played with.  I think that is pretty good considering the hours I have spent on some of the girl’s toys.  The Graveyard Gauntlet Track Set gets attached to a chair to create a downhill for the racing and the track took up most of my living room.  The little flag at the end of the track that pops up to confirm the winner really helps defuse some kid arguments.  The Toxic Terror Trap was a big hit too.  This has a motorized elevator that releases the cars down a bright green curvy slide that could potentially end in a purple crocodile’s chomping mouth.  This track has a large green moving monster the cars go through.  Our monster has some issues staying upright and gets stuck on the track sometimes.  It only bothers me, the kids still love it.

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Monster 500 Playset

The cars all come with a trading card with the name of the monster, their backstory, and their level of evil on the Evilometer.  The trading cards also include a code that unlocks a monster car in the free Monster 500 racing app. The kids loved the Monster 500 Racing App. When they are done playing with the track they can stay in that world and fight other monsters with other weapons.  It is a fun way to keep the kids interested in cars longer.

We love this set and will probably keep collecting the cars and keep the set up long after Halloween.

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    James Robert
    October 16, 2014 at 7:33 am

    My son would really like this one, especially with the motorized elevator

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