Miracle Blanket Review: Swaddling Blanket Miracle Blanket Review: Swaddling Blanket

Miracle Blanket Review: Swaddling Blanket

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Miracle Blanket, the makers of the #1 pediatrician recommended swaddling blanket, offered me a few blankets to review their stylish and practical blankets. I jumped on board because Mr. Man hasn’t been so easy to put to sleep…

Miracle Blanket Swaddling Blanket

Bryson is now 11 weeks old and quite the “restless” sleeper. At about 2 weeks old he was super figgity. I stopped swaddling him to see if that would let him dose off to sleep easier…well I’ve been rocking him in his Rock N Play now every night. While I love the cuddle time with him, sometimes it’s not an option with TT starving for my undivided attention. After all, she needs her momma to hold her to fall asleep too.

So, we’ve gotten into the routine of putting TT to bed between 8:30-9:30 with Mommy holding her and once she’s down in bed I head into my room to feed and rock Brysonboy. I know my kids are only little for a short while, but, after spending the past 24 hours with them it’s nice to have some time to myself…ya know to take a shower?!? I’m still dreaming of the day I can paint my nails!

  • Stops Colic – GUARANTEED!
  • Eases Fussiness For ANY Baby!
  • Helps Baby Sleep Better/Longer!
  • Prevents Facial Scratches!
  • Stops Twitches That Wake Your Baby!
  • Makes Breast Feeding MUCH Easier!
  • Makes Your Baby Feel Warm & Secure!
  • One Size Fits All Up to Fourteen Weeks
  • 100% High-Quality Cotton

Miracle Blanket Swaddling BlanketAnyhow, the first night of using the Miracle Blanket was nothing short of a miracle! Bryson fell asleep in my arms after his feeding at 9:30. I laid him in his Rock n Play (safer for him now with his reflex issues) and he didn’t wake to eat until 2:30 am. He’s a breastfeeding baby so I expected him to wake at his usual time of 12:30-1 am. I welcomed the extra 1 1/2 of sleep. He then slept like a baby until he was ready to wake for the day at 6:30.

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Night two: baby slept…..well, like a baby!

Night Three: My little man is loving his new nightly routine of getting a bath, being snuggled in his Miracle Blanket and nursing with Momma. He’s been fast asleep for these three nights with no trouble at all!

Not having to rock Mr. Man asleep every night has allowed me extra cuddle time with my TTgirl and I welcome that so much! I often feel guilty that I’m unable to spend night time snuggled up with the tiny girl, but, she does love her brother and I often find her holding his hand and shushing him to sleep!

The one difference between the Miracle Blanket and other swaddlers is the fact that there is NO velcro. I would often find my child’s face scratched by the velcro and stopped using them for that very reason. Another plus to the Miracle Blanket is the fact that ANYONE can figure out how to swaddle their baby! You simply place the baby in, feet first on a flat surface. Then fold over the shorter side and then the longer side.

Miracle Blanket Swaddling Blanket

With prices starting at $29.99 a Miracle Blanket would make a great gift for any new baby that you are welcoming into your life and his/her Momma will Thank You too! The fabric is super soft and breathable that holds up well with several washes! Over these past two weeks of using the Miracle Blanket, it’s been washed at least 6 times…I told ya we are dealing with Acid Reflux here people!

Now…if only they made a larger Miracle Blanket we would be in there…until then!

Pictured is the *NEW* Miracle Swaddling Blanket (Blue Polka Dots) and Tommee Tippee Pacifier. We LOVE Tommee Tippee products in our home. Being a nursing family there is truly no other product as close to a Mother’s nipple than Tommee Tippee bottles and pacifiers!

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    laurie nykaza
    February 21, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    This swaddling blanket looks amazing. They didn’t make these when my kids were babies. I know my 2 nieces with their new babies would love them .

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