Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Frozen Foods Review Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Frozen Foods Review

Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Frozen Foods Review

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Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Frozen Foods wants to provide your family with the most delicious and nutritious meals possible. That’s why we only use the finest, high quality ingredients: 100% premium meats – fresh, never frozen; authentic Italian cheeses made using Old World methods, 100% durum wheat semolina pasta, fresh herbs and spices; fresh vegetables and specially selected, vine-ripened tomatoes. As Michael says, “If you can’t find it in Mom’s kitchen, we won’t use it in our food.” – Michael Angelo’s

I remember about a year ago trying these when I saw them at Meijer. They had a great deal on them at the time so I stocked up! Unfortunately I do not do my regular shopping there so once I ate them all that was it. I did love the Lasagna and the Chicken Parm, they didn’t taste like a frozen meal. It tasted so fresh. I like that they don’t contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, chemical preservatives or other unnatural additives.

I received several coupons to try Michael Angelo’s Frozen Foods, so when I recently saw these on the shelves at Walmart, I was excited. They only carried the larger varieties and not the individual portioned meals. I tried the Italian-Style Sausage and Meatballs. Now, since I am still on Nutisystem I have become custom to checking calories and serving sizes. As you can see there are 3 large meatballs and 4 italian sausages. A serving sizes is 2/3 cup with 230 calories and there are 3 servings. This would be enough to share with someone. I ate mine plain with a salad but there are several ways you could serve this. You can customize the meal with different kinds of carbs like pasta, rice or mashed potatoes. Or, you could throw in a bunch of steamed or sautéed vegetables and have a high-protein but low-carb meal. The sausage and meatballs could also be incorporated into more complicated recipes like Sausage and Meatball subs or stuffed peppers. The meatballs were great. It was like homemade! The sausage had a little kick to it but it was equally tasty. I would definitely get this again.

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