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Mega Bloks Thomas & Sodor Search and Rescue Review

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I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Mega Bloks Sodor Search and Rescue buildable playset. I let him choose which set he would like and he picked the Search and Rescue since he loves playing “fireman”. The set comes with a working crane and a track switcher. What I love about the set is that every part it comes with is utilized, even the storage case that it comes in. The bottom the storage case can be turned over to build on and the lid has built in tracks and buildings. And all the parts fit nicely into the container.

Mega Bloks Sodor Search and Rescue

My son has never been a big block builder, while my other two kids can’t get enough. I think that building blocks are great for kids for so many reasons, patience being one of them, something he still needs to work on. He would get frustrated while trying to build even though it was somewhat easy to put together. When building the track, the parts would need a little strength to make them stick together. I have made a point to play this set with him every day so he can become more comfortable doing it on his own. We have tons of blocks in a building box but all he builds is a tower. I like this set because it has pieces that he can play with not just build with. The pieces are also chunky and fit in his hand nicely. The Mega Blok Sets would make a great gift for boys with their line of Marvel, Blok Squad or Iron Man 2. And they even offer Dora, Smurfs or a girl line of bloks. Most sets range in age of  3+.

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