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Maui Toys Review: Graffiti Sky Basketball

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Aside from the Wave Hoop – the number 1 selling hoop of the decade and the Water Bouncers – a snow globe that bounces, Maui Toys offers the Sky Ball, which I received to try. It bounces 75 feet in the air…75 feet! It is the highest bouncing ball ever made. The kids love it. Then again what kid (or adults for that matter) doesn’t like to bounce a ball. Although I have had to get it down from the window ledge from them testing that 75 feet theory…in the house! Santa is going to get the bat for them for Christmas. That will keep them busy for awhile searching for the ball in the woods when they try to knock one out.

Graffiti Sky Basketball.


Maui Toy’s Sky Ball Baseball and Bat has been nominated for best Sports/Outdoor Toy by! SKY BALL is one of the best selling toys in the United States. Sky Ball is filled with helium and air, enabling it to bounce up to seventy-five feet and it can travel as far as 300 feet when it is hit with a Sky Ball bat. Sky Ball Baseball allows a person to feel like a real baseball player and increases self-esteem as an athlete. You can vote for Maui Toys and its ‘Sky Ball Baseball’ for best Sports Toy of the year right HERE until November 29th!

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Check out Maui Toy’s latest sports toy, the Graffiti Sky Basketball. With winter right around the corner, the Graffiti Sky Basketball will be sure to keep kids active even while stuck inside. Finally, you can dribble! No more pretending with foam balls. The Graffiti Sky Ball bounces on carpets and most other floors, so real dribbling action comes to life while you take trick shots to the extreme. Call “Off the wall, on the floor and off the roof”, and watch your Graffiti Sky Ball do it! With colorful designs right off the courts at Venice Beach, each set includes a door hanging hoop, as well as an authentic Graffiti Sky Ball in Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, and Silver. And remember, each Graffiti Sky Ball is hand painted so no two are ever alike.

Buy It: Maui Toys can be found at major retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and Toys R Us. For a full line of retailers, you can check out the where to Buy page at Maui Toys.

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