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Market Day School Fundraising: Peanut Free Products

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If your school doesn’t have the Market Day Program then you really need to talk to someone about bringing it in.

Market Day

Market Day is basically a food shopping program, that you can do online or from flyers sent home through school. Once you order, your product arrives at your school within a few weeks and the school earns profits off of everything sold. If you don’t have kids or your school doesn’t participate you can still order! You can log onto the Market Day site, and find a school that is close to you. Your product will be delivered waiting for you to pick it up! Plus you can either pay online or with a check when you pick it up. And you’ll feel good knowing you have helped a local school. It is an easy and tasty way to make money. Plus they run specials every month so you can earn free product. I am working on getting a market basket. All I have to do is order over $40 for 3 consecutive months and I get a basket. They also run specials for the school too. If our school sells so many pies and a certain dollar amount then the school gets a free freezer!! All for buying food – something we need anyway.

“Market Day, the Original Fundraising Food Cooperative®, is the nation’s largest food fundraising company.  In addition to its flagship monthly food program, Market Day offers a variety of other fundraising options including a gift brochure, restaurant-quality desserts, cookie dough, pizza, and a gourmet food catalog.  Market Day provides high quality items at a value.  Market Day’s consultative approach provides custom fundraising.”

The newest product and something I am thankful for is the New Peanut Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookies come in 16 individually wrapped 1.06 oz. cookies to a box.  Baked in a certified nut-free bakery and filled with mini-chocolate chips in a golden batter Since my son has a peanut allergy, I am glad I can find him a treat without worrying. These cookies come individually wrapped so they would be great for class parties. I was sent a sample to try and loved them. They are chewy and moist. My son with the allergies took a bite but still won’t eat anything with chocolate. The cookies are also Kosher for families, schools and organizations observing the Jewish holidays this fall. The grab-and-go snack cookies can be kept frozen and slipped into lunches as needed throughout the week.  They also come in handy when children come home from school with friends that may have nut allergies. I would definitely get these with my next order, even if he won’t eat them!

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Hungry For More Halloween Goodies From Market Day?

For classroom treats at school celebrations, Market Day also has Pumpkin Cookie Shapes (product item#4512, 36 pieces), which are delicious buttery sugar cookies in Halloween-themed shapes that are easy to bake and decorate, and will provide festive fun at all types of Halloween parties.

Dried Fruit Medley (product item#3458) — Excellent source of vitamins and fiber, this unique snack is filled with dried blueberries, cherries, cranberries, and golden raisins, and can give kids healthy energy as they trick-or-treat the night away!  Comes in 18, 1 oz. bags.

Pepperidge Farm® Giant Cinnamon Goldfish® Grahams (product item#3409) — Crispy cinnamon crackers shaped like goldfish, these treats already have a “fish” costume on! A kid favorite and sure to be a hit for a handout!  Comes in 25, 0.9 oz. pouches.

Nestle® Apple Juicy Juice (product item#8088) — 100% juice, all-natural, no sugars added this treat provides 100% daily vitamin C and comes in 24, 10 oz. re-sealable plastic bottles so kids can stay healthy and hydrated while ringing doorbells!

Snyder’s® Snap Pretzels (product item#-3438) — An all-natural, fat-free snack with an only 60 calorie crunch!  This is another kid favorite and comes in 40, 0.5 oz. bags.

Disclosure:  I was provided with product for this review. All views and opinions with regard to the Market Day Fundraising review, products or the company are my own and were not influenced by the company.

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