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Manscaped: Men’s Luxury Manscaping Tools Video Review

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Manscaped’s manscaping tools were created specifically for a man’s distinctive grooming needs. Featuring American-made, specially formulated products to cleanse, moisturize, and deodorize, as well as tools engineered to give a man a close, refined appearance. Manscaped equips him with the right products and tools for the job in a complete manscaping system that is easy, powerful, and satisfying!

Manscaped Manscaping Tools Package

I received several manly products from Manscaped, watch this short minute and a half overview of what they have to offer.

Manscaping Tools Include:

The Lawn Mower Electric Hair Trimmer ($39.99) This high-powered, compact, portable electric trimmer is uniquely designed for refining highly sensitive and hard-to-navigate areas. It fits firmly in the palm of your hand for optimal maneuverability and accuracy.

The Plow Safety Razor ($19.99) Created to give you a close, refined shave, this single blade, double-sided razor embodies traditional design lines. Built using high quality, highly durable, tempered stainless steel, this safety razor features a rust-proof, matte satin finish.

The Shears Nail Kit ($19.99) Each piece is manufactured from highly durable, tempered stainless steel, making it corrosion resistant. Supplied with travel wallet, this comprehensive nail kit gives your hands a sophisticated and hygienic appearance. Kit includes safety scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, earpick, and nail refining file.

The Shed Travel Bag ($39.99) This premium quality travel and storage bag gives you a discreet place to handily store all your manscaping tools between grooming sessions. Perfectly sized to keep under the sink or to take with you for easy, on-the-go manscaping.

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Crop Cleanser Body Wash ($19.99) This uniquely formulated moisturizing hair and body wash were designed specifically for high activity and total body cleansing. Ingredients include soothing aloe and sea salt. Infused with natural hydrators to leave your skin clean, fresh, moisturized and reinvigorated.

Crop Preserver Moisturizer ($19.99) This uniquely formulated, all-in-one deodorant and moisturizer was designed specifically for ‘below deck’ and highly active areas. This residue- and oil-free, anti-chafing liquid talcum gel features ingredients that preserve the skin’s essential barrier, promote antibacterial protection, and maintain all-day freshness.

Crop Reviver Toner ($19.99) This revolutionary formulated, spray-on body toner and spritzer has been designed especially for highly sensitive and high friction areas of the body. It features aloe and witch hazel extracts for anti-inflammatory, anti-burn protection, and optimum pH levels for dryness and hydration control.

Manscaped Boxers ($19.99) House the family jewels in Manscaped boxers! Featuring Crop Cooling Technology which inhibits overheating and facilitates optimum pH levels, Breathable SmartBand Technology, featuring superelasticity and a wide, no-roll waistband for maximum support, a Proprietary microfiber blend that ensures breathability and repels moisture and Anti-chafe detailing with sweat-wicking fibers that prevent chafing and “swamp crotch”.

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