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Man Crates: 10 Manly Man Gift Ideas

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“No bows. No ribbons. No fluff. Just awesome gifts for guys packed in crates and ammo cans.” – Man Crates

The Review Wire | Man Crates: 10 Manly Man Gift Ideas

So many awesome gift ideas, all packed in cool packaging. Below are 10 fun ideas for whatever your DAD enjoys! Man Crates packs only the best guy-approved gear, gadgets, and grub for truly unforgettable gift experiences.

Nutrition Loving Dad: Power S’mores Chow

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Power S’mores Chow

Celebrate his manly physique and his dedication to peak physical performance with the clever and crunchy Power S’mores Chow!

Power S’mores Chow is the ideal nutritional supplement to keep him filled up and filled out. Made with chunks of milk chocolate, crispy cereal bits, graham crackers, pretzels, and marshmallows… this snack is too delicious to put down.


Nature Loving Dad: TrailBlazer Crate

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Trail Blazer Crate

The TrailBlazer Crate is just what he needs to make Mother Nature look like a chump. A mountainous, majestic chump.

Featuring a rugged and versatile 14-in-1 SPARK multitool, an extra-bright headlamp, protein-packed snacks, and more, the TrailBlazer Crate is loaded with the gear and grub he’ll need to seize his advantage and conquer even the most rugged hiking trails. And then sit and have lunch on it.


Race Car Fan Dad: Wooden RC Car Kit

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Wooden RC Car Kit

Fuel his creative tank and rev up his excitement engines with the DIY Wooden RC Car Kit.

Scratch his fix-it itch with the DIY Wooden RC Car Kit. From the steel axles and drive rod to the full-wooden frame and suspension system, this kit has everything he’ll need to build a super-speedy RC Car from the ground up. No garage required.


Whisky Loving Dad: Whiskey Appreciation Crate

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Whiskey Appreciation Crate

In days past, a man’s fondness for whiskey was admirably brandished in full home bars, but in modern times, whiskey is hidden out of sight in cabinets and desk drawers like shameful secrets. The Whiskey Appreciation Crate is here to restore honor to the once-great bond between a man and his drink.

Includes Personalized Hand-Made Whiskey Decanter, 2 Personalized Heavy Bottom Rocks Glasses, 2 Ice Sphere Molds, 2 Slate Coasters, “33 Drams of Whiskey” a Whiskey Drinking Journal, Various Nuts, and Salted Pistachios.


BBQ Loving Dad: Build Your Own Barrel Smoker

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Build Your Own Barrel Smoker

Get your guy the ultimate D.I.Y., and upgrade his backyard barbecue with the Build Your Own Barrel Smoker Kit.

Boasting a 16 gallon, double open-ended barrel, this kit comes complete with all the drill bits, stencils, and hardware he’ll need to construct a quality smoker by hand, right in his backyard. The only thing not included is the elbow grease.


Beard Loving Dad: Beard Wrangler Mini Crate

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Beard Wrangler Mini Crate

The beard doesn’t make the man, but it is a literal extension of the man. Give some polish and poise to the furriest of face friends with the Beard Wrangler Mini Crate.

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Handcrafted in the USA with 100% natural organic oils and a satchel of various hippy seeds, Renegade’s premium shampoo, beard oil, and beard balm will shape any nappy nest into a magnificent moisturized face mane, sprightly to the nose and supple to the touch. Included is a shaving towel that works for its exact opposite-stated purpose and a boar-bristled brush that excels in hair care because it is hair.


Tool Loving Dad: Mr. Fix-It Tool Crate

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Mr. Fix-It Tool Crate

Gear him up with enough gadgets and gizmos to make home repairs a breeze with the Mr. Fix-It Tool Crate.

Armed with a magnetic wrist band, an impossibly useful multi-tool, an interchangeable socket wrench/screwdriver, and a high-tech CSI flashlight, he’ll be well equipped to topple even the most diabolical home repairs. And if all else fails, there’s a roll of Gorilla Tape to handle sticky situations… or to make certain situations stickier.


Jerky Loving Dad: Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Premium Jerky Ammo Can

Treat his taste buds to a lesson in delectably dried jerky with the Premium Jerky Ammo Can.

Stuffed a NATO spec ammo can with lean, savory cuts of the most deliciously marinated jerky known to man. Tenderloin-tenderfoots and jerky-junkies alike will love this collection of delectably sweet, savory, and spicy meat morsels.


Fishing Loving Dad: Lure Making Kit

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Lure Making Kit

The Lure Making Kit gives him the gear and guidance to mix and mold tantalizing; one-of-a-kind lures that’ll entice even the most prudent of fish.

In partnership with Lure Craft, Man Crates has commissioned three exclusive injection molds to make delicious fish food shapes: crawdaddy, mudbug, and worm. Tasty! The pint of plastisol and individual ounces of coloring, glitter, and scent is everything he’ll need to mix and mold stunning works of aquatic art. The Man Crates exclusive Lure Making Guide has step-by-step instructions for designing and deploying the perfect lures. It also has information on how to re-mold the imperfect lures…just in case.


Pizza Loving Dad: Personalized Pizza Grilling Crate

Man Crates Gifts for Dad: Personalized Pizza Grilling Crate

The Pizza Grilling Crate turns any ordinary grill into a flame-fueled furnace for crisp, smoky pizza.

Man Crates has designed a collapsible, customizable pizza peel to transfer piping hot pies from the grill to the table with all toppings intact. The four cordierite baking stones bring the heat to any personal pizza party but can also grill pizza pies of all sizes and shapes, including all seven Tetris shapes. Tony Gemignani’s artisanal flour is the dough you knead for simple homemade, hand-tossed pizza crust or use the double-down dough roller, which swiftly levels down the dough, then the rolling pizza cutter slices it up.

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