Made In the USA & July Fourth Must Have Products! Made In the USA & July Fourth Must Have Products!

Made In the USA & July Fourth Must Have Products!

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With the fourth of July here in a few days, I have come up with several products to make your day a blast! Also, what better way to celebrate Independence than to celebrate with products that are made right here in the USA!

Made in the USA

Cree LED Bulb

Cree LED Bulb


Cree, manufactures everything from the ground up on the LED bulbs (including their LED chips) at their headquarters in Durham, North Carolina. Keeping the bulb design and manufacturing together in the U.S. allows Cree to deliver products that meet actual consumer demand fast and affordably, creating a strong advantage over competitors.

The Cree LED Bulb looks and lights like a traditional incandescent bulb, but works better, lasts 25 times longer and saves you up to $226 per bulb over its product lifetime. In less than a year after being the first to break the $10 barrier for an LED bulb at The Home Depot, the Cree LED Bulb became the best-selling LED bulb in the U.S. As a result, Cree bulbs have become renowned for their energy efficiency, life expectancy and leading 10-year warranty.

Cree’s consumer product offerings range from standard A-type LED bulbs, including 60W and 100W replacements soft bulbs, to the most recently announced 3-Way LED bulb. Additionally, Cree offers Flood/Spot bulbs which use 80%+ less energy than other less-efficeint, low-quality bulbs on the market.


Get beach & poolside ready with an all American shave with, they offer 100% American-made razors that compare to Fusion, Mach3 and Venus for nearly HALF the price! You can purchase the men’s and women’s razors for only $9.95 for 1 handle and 4 cartridges +  FREE shipping. Additionally, is the only razor company to offer a Burn-Free Guarantee – no skin burn, wallet burn, or American job-loss burn.




Greenhouse is a company that creates Made in the USA Flag T-shirts, in Los Angeles, CA. These t-shirts can be found at Walmart for $4.88 for men and women and $4.48 for boys, girls, infants, and toddlers. Working with companies that make products in the U.S. ties back to Walmart’s initiative to spend an additional $250 billion on U.S.-made products as part of its commitment to domestic manufacturing and American jobs. These t-shirts are sold at Walmart stores across the country.

Here are some USA facts on the t-shirts:

  • Supplier of these t-shirts is Greensource
  • Greensource has Created 230 USA jobs
  • Cotton Grown in USA (Mississippi River Delta)
  • Cotton turned into yarn in USA (North Carolina & Virginia)
  • Yarn knitted and dyed in USA (Los Angeles)
  • Fabric cut and sewn in USA (Los Angeles)
  • Screen-printed in the USA (Los Angeles)


Celebrate The 4th!

Hangtime, this popular FREE social event discovery app, has gathered data from over 32 million events, and founder Karl Jacob put together some tips to help you organize an event with the best response rate:

  • DO keep your title short and sweet – save the in-depth details for the event description
  • 4th vs. fourth – the number is associated with important dates to remember, but the text is associated with history and ceremony (yawn!) – are you throwing a party or teaching a history class? – DON’T bore your friends with the ‘fourth’.
  • DON’T pile on the food terms – Truth is, food items all blur together, so please do not drown your  event page with a list of menu items that we already know are going to be served
  • DO include special drinks – Whether it’s an “Uncle Sam-tini”, “The All-American” or a “Berry Sangria  Spritzer”, people LOVE their holiday-themed cocktails, so list ‘em!
  • DO mention there will be TVs playing the big sports game of the day – even if you despise sports, letting your friends know that you’ll be showing the big game will give your event a huge advantage!
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Gallo Family Vineyards’ Moscato Wines

Gallo Family Vineyards offers three types of Moscato — White, Pink, and Red. These aromatic, light-bodied sweet wines make them incredibly approachable and easy to drink on their own, incorporate into a cocktail or pair with a variety of spicy foods and fruity desserts. Gallo Family Vineyards Moscatos are available for $5 (750ml) at local wine retailers and grocers nationwide. For more information please visit or Once you pick up a bottle, try this cool tropical delight, a pineapple rum punch drink. Please drink responsibly.

Pineapple Rum Punch

Pineapple Rum Punch

Ingredients – Serves 2

  • 2 ounces Gallo Family Vineyards Moscato
  • 2 1/2 ounces spiced rum
  • 8 ounces pineapple juice
  • 4 ounces coconut water
  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • 1 ounce simple syrup
  • Pineapple wedges for garnish


In a small pitcher combine pineapple juice, coconut water, spiced rum, moscato, lime juice and simple syrup.  Pour over ice-filled glasses and garnish with pineapple wedges.


Hangover Sucks – And just incase you celebrate a little too hard…

Hangover Sucks


Hangover Sucks has the perfect, all natural remedy after a weekend of being star spangled hammered. Hangover Sucks is a natural sucking candy made to alleviate hangover symptoms like nausea and dry mouth. Developed by a nurse, Hangover Sucks combines soothing flavors (Ginger, Raspberry and Lime) with just the right vitamins to replenish those you lose after a night (or day) of drinking – like vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, B6, B12, and others – to help with headaches, upset stomach, dry mouth, and mild dehydration. Natural sugars help metabolize the alcohol in your system more quickly and offer a boost of energy as you recuperate.

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