Light in the Dark App Review Light in the Dark App Review

Light in the Dark App Review

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Dreamgate Studios has recently released a brand new game called Light in the Dark. In this puzzle app, you need to help the Totems find their lost children in this light bending, color blending game. The Totems shine brightly as you are tasked with solving each challenging scenario!

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You start off in an Egypt setting, from their you need to unlock 5 different tombs completing each to move to the next level (currently at 120). There are also 30 in-game achievements and the new Aztec level coming soon for more play. Once in the tomb, you hold to drag the light to collect the stars and save the babies to unlock levels. In each level, you must complete different tasks with guided instruction or a title hint.

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The goal is to make sure the light coming from the little Totems is shining on the little babies and collect stars along the way. While this game seems simple enough, it can be challenging. You need to move boxes, slide lenses and adjust mirrors most times with two different lights mixing the colors makes it even more challenging. The app even offers a color blindness mode with three other different color combinations! There are other in-app purchases to help with gameplay.

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I do like that hints are available but you must watch a video for a free hint. The video I watched is not something I would want my 7 or even 11-year-old to see, it was sexual in nature advertising another game. Light in the Dark is rated for 4 and up, as a parent, this makes me very disappointed that they would place those types of ads on a game knowing that kids will take advantage of the free hint simply by watching a video. I also watched three more videos, and all of them were for slots and gaming type of apps.

While this is a challenging game in that you need to think about the moves and how to advance, I do wish that the company would place more age-appropriate ads on the videos that the kids need to watch to achieve hints.

UPDATE: This app is no longer available, please visit our other app reviews.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for Dreamgate Studios. All opinions are my own.

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