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Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual Review

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Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual Review

The Kindle Fire is the most gifted, most reviewed and top selling item on Amazon. And it has been since its launch in November. Clearly a lot of people have a Kindle Fire, tablet fever is everywhere and the Kindle Fire allows you to indulge for $200. But how do you use the thing? After all, the device is a mini-computer that allows you to check email, Facebook, Twitter and of course read books, watch videos and listen to music. And the included documentation is lean. You can find online help and user forums but not everyone has the time or inclination to dig through the web to enjoy their new device.

Kindle Fire The Missing Manual

Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual, by Peter Meyers, is a complete user guide that is organized and written for you to get the most out of your new device.

The author takes the approach that readers are new to their device and walks you through the design of the Fire, its hardware, and its capability. He details the setup process and how to control your new Fire.

The book is organized with the home screen choices on the Kindle itself. So you will have sections on reading books, watching videos, how to use documents, browse the web and use apps. Each chapter includes helpful color screenshots as well as power user tips.

The book is an easy read and its fun to sit at the kitchen table with your Fire, a cup of coffee and your copy of Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual while you figure out the wonders of your new device.

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My experience with the Missing Manual series has been positive and the Kindle Fire version follows the same formula. As a self-proclaimed power user of all things tech, I like having the answers at my fingertips. While the web does yield most tech answers, being able to quickly find the answer using the lengthy index and well-detailed table of contents is usually much faster.

Having said that, if the new Kindle Fire user in your life is a teen or twenty-something, it’s likely that they won’t appreciate a traditional book to get them up to speed. (Hey you can always download the Kindle format) These users have probably mastered the device and could write their own user guide.

The target audience for this user guide will be technophobes and those arm length users who admire and marvel at what technology can do but live in fear that they will break their new toy. These users will be up to speed and on their way to power user status in no time with Kindle Fire: The Missing Manual.

At $19.99 MSRP this book continues the clear and well written Missing Manual Series and the author, Peter Meyers, does a fine job of getting you started with your new Kindle Fire. His helpful power user tips will make even the most novice user feel like, well, a power user in no time.

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