Kick It Up a Notch with These Cool Picnic and Grill Products Kick It Up a Notch with These Cool Picnic and Grill Products

Kick It Up a Notch with These Cool Picnic and Grill Products

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Summer isn’t over yet, we have until September 21st to be exact! There are still plenty of grill-outs, get-togethers and of course Labor Day activities still to come. I have put together a list of a few items to help make you the hit of that backyard BBQ or picnic. Take a look at the following picnic and grill products and leave a comment if you have tried any of them!

Chicken Soup For the Soul BBQ Sauce

Chicken Soup For the Soul BBQ Sauce

I was well aware of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, but I did not realize that they also had food! Chicken Soup for the Soul food is more than just about nutrition, it’s also about comfort, love, and appreciation. Because of this, their line of foods features premium quality comfort foods that include soups, meal builders, and sauces. The Chicken Soup for the Soul’s BBQ sauces comes in four varieties: Original, Buffalo, Honey Mustard, and Sweet Chipotle Bourbon.


 CLR BBQ Grill Cleaner

CLR BBQ Cleaner

CLR BBQ Grill Cleaner offers a powerful foaming trigger spray that cuts through baked-on food, grease, and grime. It’s perfect for both the inside and outside of your favorite outdoor cooking equipment, from the grill to the smoker or deep fryer. I love the CRL line of cleaners, they do such a great job of cutting through the lime and calcium deposits especially in the shower. I have not seen the BBQ cleaner before so I was excited to get a bottle to try. As you can see from my before and after picture, grime and goo gone! Plus it worked right away, I didn’t have to leave it to sit for a very long time either.


Wieners Gone Wild! Out-of-the-Ballpark Recipes for Extraordinary Hot Dogs


Need some inspiration for the grill? In Wieners Gone Wild!, there are 40 mouth-watering, irresistible recipes starring the classic dog in a tasty and surprising 21st-century makeover. Join hot dog aficionados Holly Schmidt and Allan Penn in an around-the-world, wiener-fueled adventure, featuring original and exciting recipes like:
–The Salty Dog: Smothered with  coleslaw and topped with cornmeal-fried clams, it’s a New England summer on a bun

–Cowboy Up!: A new twist on the classic chili dog, it’s piled high with ground beef and Cheddar cheese

–Hair of the Dog: With spicy hash browns and a bourbon sauce, it’s perfect for the morning after

This book also includes recipes for how to make homemade buns and condiments. The buns along look delicious! The chapters include:

Slumdogs: Down ‘n’ Dirty Wieners – 11 recipes that Sloppy Dog, Chicken-and-Waffle Dog, and Thanksgiving Dog

Show Dogs: Wieners Dressed to Impress – 9 recipes that include Apple Pie Dog, Derby Dog, and Caesar Dog: See image below

Dogs that Bite: Spicy Wieners Gone Wild – 8 Recipes that include Wiener Au Poivre and Dogbreath Dog

Dogs with Passports: Wild Wieners from Around the World – 12 recipes that include Fifi, Rasta Dog, and Lasagna Dog

Wieners Gone Wild! Out-of-the-Ballpark Recipes for Extraordinary Hot Dogs



McCormick and Lawry’s


Looking to kick it up a notch? Check out the new spicy marinades and seasonings from Lawry’s and Grill Mates:

  • · Lawry’s Sweet Southern BBQ Marinade with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt: An expert blend of tomato, molasses, and garlic is combined with the iconic taste of Lawry’s Original Seasoned Salt in this sweet, smoky, pour-on marinade.
  • · Grill Mates Chipotle & Roasted Garlic Seasoning: This shake-on seasoning features a versatile blend of chipotle peppers, roasted garlic, and smoked paprika. Try it on everything from potatoes and vegetables to chicken and shrimp.
  • · Lawry’s Cajun Marinade with Zatarain’s Authentic New Orleans Flavor: This New Orleans-inspired pour-on marinade is made with Zatarain’s spices and seasonings, including chili pepper, cumin, and oregano.

Grill Mates Steakhouse Burger Seasonings

McCormick Grill Mates

Each Steakhouse Burger seasoning packet contains enough big, bold flavor to season four to six patties (one pound of ground meat) and giving you the opportunity to make your own restaurant-quality burgers at home:

  • Classic Burger Seasoning: This blend of onion, mustard, garlic, and red bell pepper is a favorite.
  • Steakhouse Mushroom Seasoning: Create a steakhouse burger with mushroom, onion, garlic, and black pepper.
  • Smoky Applewood Seasoning: Add smoke to burger night along with chili pepper, molasses, and cider vinegar.
  • Island Woodfire Grill Marinade: This island-inspired blend of allspice and ginger, along with chili pepper, will bring robust flavor to shrimp, chicken, and pork. Just add cider vinegar and oil.

Check out more of the top trends sizzling on grills this season, from fired-up chilies and Indian flavor exploration to creating big flavor from small grills in the Grill Mates & Lawry’s Flavor Forecast 2014: GRILLING EDITION at


 Colman’s Mustard

Colman's Mustard

I am the only one who eats mustard in this house, so I love this small bottle. Colman’s Mustard, the world’s most iconic English Mustard provides a unique and zesty burst of flavor to enhance any snacks on the go. I have never purchased Mustard Powder before, I have never needed it but after seeing some of the recipes on the site (like warm Beer and Cheddar Dip) I will start!

Colman’s Double Superfine Mustard Powder has an ultra-fine consistency that delivers a maximum kick to your favorite dishes. Available in Colman’s distinctive yellow tin, the 100% pure mustard flour is made from a zesty blend of brown and white mustard seeds that pack a flavorful heat sensation. The long-lasting powder makes for great value and just a smidge, perks up vinaigrette dressing or your favorite dip. Add a pinch or two to your favorite dry rubs for a vibrant addition to your roast or grilled meats.

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Mrs. Freshley’s

Mrs. Freshley's

While my kids scarfed these down, straight from the package, Mrs. Freshley’s has created a few simple, semi-homemade desserts perfect for summer parties. Below, you will find some “Summer treats made easy” alternative to traditional dessert ideas. While stores that carry Mrs. Freshley’s do vary by market, nationally Mrs. Freshley’s can be found in Valero, Family Dollar, Save A Lot and Dollar Tree locations.

  • Candied Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich 
  • Double Chocolate Mini Donut Sundaes 
  • Dreamie Strawberry Shortcake 

Mrs. Freshley's Recipes


Insect Shield

Insect Shield Blanket

The annual battle against insects is in full force. According to the CDC, Lyme disease has become an epidemic – and not just in the Northeast. More than 300,000 cases of Lyme are estimated annually in the U.S. West Nile virus is also on the rise. It is time for families to take bug protection seriously in preparation for summer outdoor pursuits. Luckily, there are some convenient, effective, and innovative options available such as Insect Shield Repellent Apparel and Gear.

I was excited to receive the Insect Shield Blanket, no really I was! My oldest who plays baseball usually play on the same field surrounded by woods, several times a week and it is infested with gnats, mosquitoes, and little tiny annoying flying bugs. While the ballpark says that they spray to try and reduce the bugs, it just doesn’t seem to work. This blanket has come in handy for the last few times we have played ball. It is lightweight so you can lay it on your lap to keep warm or place it on the ground and sit your chairs on top of it. And the best part is that it doesn’t smell, I thought it would have a chemical scent to it but it does not!

The new Insect Shield Outdoor and Mini blankets offer built-in, odorless, and effective insect protection. The blankets can be used by the entire family, they are washable and no special care is required. The Outdoor blanket dimensions are a generous 56 x 74 inches and weigh a mere 18 ounces. (Outdoor Blanket MSRP: $29.95) The Mini blanket dimensions are 28 x 36 and weigh 6.4 ounces. (Mini Blanket MSRP: $15.95) Ideal uses for the new Insect Shield blankets are range from family camping adventures to picnics in the park, a day at the beach or simply to wear when relaxing on a buggy deck in your own backyard. The Outdoor and Mini blankets are sold via Insect Shield on and through numerous national retailers.




Snapware makes storing and serving food outdoors easy, and after the fun they can be microwaved to reheat leftovers quickly, with no mess or fuss. Oven-safe, stain-resistant and BPA-free, Snapware Total Solutions Glass makes summer entertaining stress-free. Air-tight and leak-proof, they will travel to the perfect picnic destination without any spills. The Total Solution lids can be used with other Snapware Total Solution items as well – you can mix and match!

Set includes:

  • (2) 1-cup squares with plastic lids
  • (2) 4-cup squares with plastic lids
  • (1) 6-cup rectangle with plastic lid

The lids are easy to open with four push tight closures, one on each side. The lids are also flat so they are easily stackable.  They are also made in the USA and come with a limited lifetime warranty. The 10 piece glass storage set with Total Solutions Lids has an MSRP of $29.99.


Cool Gear Infuser Chiller

Cool Gear Infuser Chiller

Do you enjoy cool drinks with a splash of lemon? What about with strawberry kiwi or even veggies? This Infuser Chiller from Cool Gear offers a removable infuser so you can use your favorite sliced veggies, fruit or herbs for that perfect infused water on the go. It is BPA free and dishwasher safe, a 23 oz. cup has an MSRP of $9.99 and is available in four colors: blue, pink, green, and orange.


Stinger Bug Zapper

Stinger On The Go Bug Zapper


Since no one wants to worry about insect protection when trying to enjoy the outdoors, Stinger has created the must-have products for a bug-free summer. New this season, the Stinger On-the-Go Zapper Racket has taken all of the guess work and mess out of insect repelling, leaving you to hit the trails without the dreaded mosquitoes.

The zapper is easy to use, so make sure to keep it away from children. The button does need to be held down for it to zap the bugs but the light that illuminates the racket does have an on/off switch.

The Stinger On-the-Go Zapper Racket is a hand-held device that kills insects on contact with 2000 volts of zapping power. Lightweight and compact, the Bug Zapper Racket is the ideal “mini” size for easy travel. Personalize the Racket by opting for the popular pink and camouflage options, MRSP $8.99.

Which product would you like to try the most?

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