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Junior High Spy DVD Review

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Kids take matters into their own hands in the family-friendly, action-packed adventure Junior High Spy, from Inception Media Group.

This movie for me was hard to watch, I gave up after about a half an hour. While the plot seemed to be like a winner: spys, gadgets, adventure, the acting and filming of the movie was another story. My nine year old sat through it all but commented “Junior High Spy, it has nothing to do with school!” My five year old did ask to watch it again, I think he liked all the karate action. I am going to have to say, rent it before you buy it!

  • When his F.B.I. agent father is abducted, Ricky Lazio, Jr. believes he knows who did it … but the agency dismisses his lead as child’s play.
  • Forced into action – and armed with an array of his dad’s high-tech spy gadgets – Ricky enlists the aid of his quick-thinking, computer-genius best friend, to help track down his Dad.
  • From thrilling motocross races, to speed boat chases, to martial arts showdowns, they now need to evade the watchful eye of the F.B.I, get their homework done before dinner and save the day!
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