Jazwares: Minecraft Figures Jazwares: Minecraft Figures    

Jazwares: Minecraft Figures

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Do you have a Minecraft fan in your house? I have two of them! This is one game that I do not mind them playing. If you are unfamiliar with Minecraft, it is an online or video game where you get to build worlds out of bricks. Jazwares, who offers some of todays hottest toys like Star Wars, Plants vs. Zombies, Lalaloopsy, Strawberry Shortcake, and Adventure Time also offer these cool Minecraft products.

I received three Minecraft Figures: Creeper with TNT Block, Steve with Diamond Armor and Enderman with Grass Block. Other figures also available are the Blacksmith with Anvil, Iron Golem with Block of Iron, Zombie with Iron Ore Block and a Steve with Coal Ore Block.

Minecraft Toys


My seven year old was excited to get Steve:

MineCraft Figure


Minecraft Steve Figure

Steve with Diamond Armor comes with a 2.75” articulated Diamond Steve figure in his armor. The figure also comes equipped with a Removable Helmet, Diamond Ore Block, and a Diamond Sword that fits perfectly into his hand. This figure is from Series #2.

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Watch out for the Creeper! This Creeper Action Figure Pack includes TNT block and gun powder to fend him off. This figure is from series #1

From The End, to the Overworld, comes the Enderman Action Figure Pack. Included in this figure pack is a Grass Block and Red Mushroom. This figure is from series #1

All three figures have moveable legs and arms…if they have them! My son has these proudly displayed in his room. There are two other figure packs available that contain the animal mobs and a survival pack…now your kids are ready to play Minecraft in real life!

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