ION Audio Review: Docuscan Photo and Document Scanner ION Audio Review: Docuscan Photo and Document Scanner

ION Audio Review: Docuscan Photo and Document Scanner

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I love to scrapbook and one of the pages that I have been doing yearly for my kid’s scrapbook is to take 8 pieces of artwork form during the year, scan and resize them so I can create a special “Artwork Page”. Why 8 pieces you ask, it is so I can shrink them down and place them in a baseball card holder type of protective sleeve. The Docuscan Document Scanner came in handy because my regular scanner is not located in my scrap-room, so having a portable scanner that can move where I need it is great.

Ion Audio Docuscan

The Docuscan from ION Audio has come in very handy and not only for the artwork, you can scan photos too with the enclosed protective scanning sleeve. The size makes it portable, it reminds me of a standard 3-hole punch. I was able to take this to my in-laws so I could scan old baby photos of my husband and his family. That was convenient!

Set up is super easy: plug in the power supply, insert the SD card and you are ready to roll! Then plug it in into your PC or Mac with the enclosed cables and download to your computer. You could also use the SD card filled with your scanned pictures in a digital photo frame or mobile phone.

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ION Audio Docuscan

The first image is of my son’s artwork, the page does need to be inserted upside down for it to scan properly. You can scan documents up to standard letter sizes of 8′ x 11″ in both color and black-and-white.

Once the paper feeds through, the Docuscan does say “Processing”, then the image will appear on the screen once it is complete. The Docuscan has a high-resolution of 300 DPI and you are able to zoom and rotate right on the LCD screen.

Once I upload the images to my computer (I use iPhoto) I was ready to edit and start creating his scrapbook page. The Docuscan is convenient, easy to use and a great way to digitally preserve my family’s masterpieces!

ION Audio Docuscan

The Docuscan Includes:

  • Docuscan Scanner
  • SD Card
  • USB Cable
  • Calibration Paper
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Protective Photo Sleeve
  • Power Adapter

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  1. Sherry Compton
    August 27, 2013 at 12:00 am

    Love that idea! A great way to organize and keep some of your kids art work. My kids and now my grand kids have lots of special art pieces. I can’t keep them all. Even the ones you’d love to keep often aren’t safe. Losing them. Damage… This looks really worthwhile.

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