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InStyler Ionic Styler Pro Review

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InStyler Ionic Styler Pro

I was sent the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro and just in time, both my flat iron and curling iron were both slowly dying. I was excited about the idea of a Hot Brush/Flat Iron and curler in one. My hair is long, naturally frizzy and wavy. I usually straighten my hair throughout and around the roots then add some curl. The flat iron function is amazing!! Personally, the best I have ever used. The bristles help so you can get really close to the root of your hair, which has always been a problem for me with my natural wave and frizz. My wavy roots around my face were completely straight! When straightening the bristles help detangle my hair and keep it smooth. I was surprised at how smooth and shiny my hair was after just my first try! The temperature gets up to 400 degrees so I was able to get a straight style much faster than I was used to.

Ionic Styler Pro Before & After
However, I did not have as good of an experience when I tried to curl my hair with the InStyler. I used the method to curl that was written on the instructions and my hair got completely tangled up in the bristles. I tried for a solid twenty minutes but my hair continued to get tangled. I am not sure if my hair is too long or too think but I couldn’t get it to even wrap around the barrel the correct way. Once I got my hair curled around the barrel correctly but then couldn’t get it out and was left with a huge tangled mess. I did try it on my daughter, luckily she didn’t see the problems I had so I was able to curl her hair. I had a much better time and luck using it on her hair. No tangles, no fuss!

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As a straightener and a hot brush, I am in love with this flat iron and will recommend it for anyone. Completely worth the money! As for curling, the InStyler may be good for someone more professional than me but for everyday use, it was too much work and mess for me.

Instyler offers 3 products to help tame and style your locks:


Ionic Styler Pro (Review Above)

Ceramic hot brush and flat iron with cool touch ionic bristles and dual ionic ceramic technology.

Instyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron

The MAX lets you control the direction of the rotating barrel for maximum results. With the innovative 2-way rotation technology, the barrel can rotate in the natural direction of your hair without ever having to switch hands or change the MAX’s position.

Tulip Auto Curler

Curling your hair has never been so fast and easy. With the tap of a button, you can have perfect curls and waves every time. With the unique open barrel design of the TULIP, your hair is visible and exposed at all times, preventing hair from getting tangled in the unit.

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    Linda Buzard-Moffitt
    January 16, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    This looks awesome I also have thick hair so it takes forever I think the brush part would really help but I still could maybe even use it for curling because My hair is short Thanks for the review

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