I See Me! Personalized Gifts: Coloring Book and Lunchbox I See Me! Personalized Gifts: Coloring Book and Lunchbox

I See Me! Personalized Gifts: Coloring Book and Lunchbox

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Need a unique children’s Christmas, birthday, back to school, you name it gift? I See Me! is a website where you can order personalized children’s gifts that are keepsake quality. I See Me! offers personalized storybooks, lunch boxes, stickers, coloring books and more.

I See Me Personalized Lunchbox

I received some products for my five-year-old daughter. She is our third child, the second girl, so she has everything. However, most of it is handed down to her. So when it comes to getting her a gift it is difficult and I want to make it special. Since we already have the I See Me! Princess Storybook, and love it, I went to their web-site for some more ideas. Our favorite was the personalized metal butterfly lunch box (MSRP $30). It is absolutely adorable! I love having her name printed on it so there is no worry of it wearing off and her losing it. For now, she is using it for lunch, but it can also be used to carry small toys or art supplies when I am dragging her to all her sibling’s events.

Perfect for back to school, we also got the personalized butterfly stickers. Since we have to label everything why not have some fun with it? One sheet with 18 stickers runs only $6 and they are completely worth it. The stickers are all different sizes so it is easy to label all of her folders and bags and each sticker has a unique butterfly design all with coordinating colors. Using these stickers instead of writing her name on everything really brightens up her school supplies.

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I See Me Personalized Coloring Book

For a little fun, we got the personalized princess coloring book, “Ashley’s Royal Princess Adventure”. This coloring book will get attention at any birthday party and it is only $10! The child’s name is not just on the cover but is used all throughout the coloring book. Each page has a little description on it with the child’s name, sometimes the name is incorporated in the pictures and their initial is also used on many pages. The drawings and wording in this book are just darling. This coloring book has become my 5-year-olds prized position!

I See Me! products make my little girl feel so special and the prices are amazing. Everything we have received has been exactly what we wanted and better. All of their products come in boys, girls and neutral themes so you are sure to find just the right personalized gift!

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