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9 Black Friday Shopping Tips for a Simpler Shopping Experiences

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Are you a little anxious about getting out in the crowds, having to battle the chaos and traffic outside of some of the “highly anticipated stores?” If so, don’t sweat it! I’m here to help you keep calm, stay relaxed, save money and have fun shopping!

9 Black Friday Shopping Tips for a Simpler Shopping Experience

Here are 9 Black Friday Shopping Tips:

1. If you must head into the 3 am frenzy, don’t take a purse. Instead, keep it light. Keep your cash or credit/debit card in your pocket and your list in your sweatshirt.

2. Let’s say a store is opening at 6 am and you’ll be saving a few hundred dollars on one item, chances are there’s gonna be a lot of you! Be prepared to get in line early, bring a plan of attack {know the store layout} and a warm glass of coffee… you’re gonna need it!

3. Consider shopping on Thanksgiving Day. No seriously, many retailers {in stores and online} will begin to show you the price drops on Thanksgiving. I literally saved a few hundred dollars last year by watching Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s and Best Buy on Thursday. Plus, I shopped from the comfort of my home and my PJ’s!

4. Know when to fold them {Kenny Rogers anyone?!?}. If you are saving a lousy few bucks here and there and you’re going to be in a bad mood because of the crowds, STAY HOME! There’s honestly no reason to hit the stores unless it’s for a Doorbuster item and even then you are taking your chances.

5. Get to know the Black Friday store policy. Many retailers offer “Doorbuster items” and are offered during a set time frame. These offers are limited and no rain checks will be issued. If you are going after a non-doorbuster item, consider placing your order online and earning cashback! In addition, consider making your non-doorubuster item purchase early. We’ve done this several times before, up to 2 weeks in advance. Then I simply head in on Black Friday after the crowds have calmed down, take my receipt to the Customer Service desk and get the difference back, it’s just that easy!

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6. If you are looking at a laptop deals at Walmart, consider driving further down the road. My Husband did a laptop deal a few years ago at our local Walmart and was surprised to learn that several of the other customers drove all the way up from Florence, KY. They did some research and came to the conclusion that our local Walmart in OH would offer them better chances to get the items that were on their list!

7. Can the item be price matched? Typically, stores will price match an item as long as it’s not a “doorbuster” item. In this case, be sure to do a price match and bring the competition’s ad in! If you are going after a BIG ticket item, consider price matching other “smaller items” to maximize your savings and get your shopping done in 1 trip!

8. Be prepared. If you are like me and going to be doing your shopping online, have the browsers opened up with the websites you will be placing your order from. By already clicking through the cashback sites {Swagbucks or Ebates.com} that is one less step in your process and you’ll still get credit for your online purchase!

9. Have fun! The first year I went out Black Friday shopping I had a blast. Even if you don’t get the deal you were after or if you are totally not an early riser, consider making it a family tradition. It can be one day a year all the women in the family get together, swap cookie recipes, go shopping and create a lasting memory…. just. have. fun!

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