Nowali Moccasins For Happy Feet Nowali Moccasins For Happy Feet

Nowali Moccasins For Happy Feet

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Nowali Moccasins For Happy Feet

UPDATE: 10/2019: The company is no longer in business but you can find other kids moccasins on Amazon.

For some reason in the Loehner household (with the exception of the Hubs!) we don’t like to wear shoes! If it were up to Mini-Me and me, we’d wear slippers or sandals all year long!

With the colder weather amongst us, Mini-Me has been wearing socks and we even bought her a pair of Spongebob slippers to keep her feet warm amongst the hardwood floors in our home. While the slippers do a good job of keeping her feet warm, it’s hard for her to walk in them. So I’ve often found them laying on the floor and she’ll go put on a pair of socks. The problem with the socks with the hardwood is when she runs (I know!) she slips and falls on her booty.

Nowali Moccasins

With the Nowali Slipper Socks, she’s not had a fall! The slipper socks are non-slip making these a must-have in our home. I’ve actually had to take them (along with her blankie!) and get them washed in a timely manner. They are super cute to look at and do an exceptional job of keeping her footsies warm!

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Now for Sissy she’s still new (a month old now!) and her feet are tiny. However, we still like to be fashionable while keeping warm. I was so excited to receive a pair of Nowali Moccasins for her. We received a pair, but, they are for 3M so we’ve got a few months until they’ll fit her. But the moccasin itself looks very warm and cozy! These come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are machine washable (wahoo!) and feature a leather non-slip sole.

“The Nowali company has grown a lot in 60 years, but their basic product remains true to its roots: Nowali moccasins are practical and comfortable footwear that stay on and look great. The commitment to quality and value extends to new products, too: socks, tights, slipper socks, and more are now part of the Nowali product family.”

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    November 27, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    I think these mocassins are so adorable great for fashion, warmth for the winter and crawling. I know my baby would love to have a pair so so cute.

  2. Avatar
    November 28, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    The Flower Mocassin are so cute.

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