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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For the Home #reviewwireguide

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For the Home


    Readydesk Adjustable Standing Desk

    Readydesk allows you to convert any desk into an adjustable standing desk. Built-in the U.S.A. with sustainable birch, it’s easy to assemble without tools. Separate work platforms independently adjust to your height so you can work with proper standing posture! Strong and sturdy, the wide shelves fit computers, monitors, laptops, and peripherals.

    Available at The Ready Desk and Amazon. MSRP $169.99.

  • PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame and Album

    PhotoSpring Digital Photo Frame and Album

    PhotoSpring is both a digital photo frame and a digital photo album. As a digital photo frame, PhotoSpring displays all your photos in plain view. As a digital photo album, PhotoSpring stores and organizes a lifetime of photos for you. You can also set to see a different set of photos each day. Send photos directly to PhotoSpring from any Smartphone with the PhotoSpring App. Also, with the PhotoSpring app, family and friends can send photos of new memories the instant they are created and have them display directly on your PhotoSpring.

    Available at PhotoSpring and Amazon. MSRP $149.99 16GB 15K Photos, $169.00 32GB 3oK Photos

  • PeachSkinSheets

    Peachskin Sheet Set

    The Original PeachSkinSheets luxurious feel 15oo thread count set includes one Flat Sheet, One Deep Pocket Fitted Sheet for mattresses up to 18" thick including memory foam, custom number, and double pillow top heights, and two pillowcases with European Envelope Closures. Available in 15 colors.

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $120 for Twin

  • Blue Heron WIFI First Person View Drone

    Blue Heron WIFI First Person View Drone

    Swoop through the skies with the powerful new U49W Blue Heron drone quadcopter with camera! Capture intense HD pics and video from an incredible aerial perspective. First person view lets you watch it all in real time. Use Altitude Hold to help steady your flight and stabilize aerial photos and video; The ideal feature for perfecting aerial photography.

    Available at Force 1 RC and Amazon. MSRP $179.99

  • Yankee Candle Tumbler Candles

    Yankee Candle Tumbler Candles

    Bring the scent of the outdoors in with Yankee Candle! Balsam & Clove: Clove, and a pinch of cinnamon, make the clean scent of balsam altogether new. Cascading Snowberry: A cool, crisp scent of wintry snowberries and evergreens dusted with frost. Aromatic Orange & Evergreen: A new twist for the holidays, effervescent orange takes evergreen to someplace unexpected and fresh.

    Available at Yankee Candle and Amazon. MSRP $15.99 Small Tumbler

  • Toddy Gear Facets Smart Charge Power Bank

    Toddy Gear Tech Accessories

    Toddy Gear offers a functional and fashionable line of premium microfiber products carefully crafted for effective, scratch-free cleaning of extremely sensitive surfaces. In addition to microfibers, Toddy offers power bank portable chargers, mobile device wedges, and charging cables all in fun and funky patterns and designs.

    Available at and Amazon. Prices Vary


  • iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine

    iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine

    Create a calming environment for sleep or an energizing atmosphere. The iZBT10 features 10 different sound therapy tracks designed to calm your mind, lower your breathing and heart rate, and prepare your body for sleep. You can also select from 11 different 1000 Lux, full-color light therapy and decor lighting modes including 3 designed to align your circadian rhythm at night and 3 to improve your energy levels and mood when you wake up.

    Available at iHome Audio and Amazon. MSRP $99.99

  • SONNENGLAS Solar Jar

    SONNENGLAS Solar Jar

    A stylish mason jar with a solar panel lid containing LEDs that you can light up when the sun goes down. SONNENGLAS is made in a socially sustainable way. It was developed in South Africa in 2011 as a source of light for people in areas with no access to electricity. It’s made from recycled glass, with 70% of the materials used coming from South Africa. 

    Available at Sonnenglas and Amazon. MSRP $30

  • Tesalate Beach Towels

    Tesalate Beach Towels

    Tesalate beach towels are ultra compact, super absorbent, dry rapidly and are insatiably vibrant. Most importantly sand doesn't stick to them, even when wet. All towels are made from exclusive AbsorbLite fabric and are full beach towel sized.

    Available at Tesalate. MSRP $59

  • Nugeni STEAMPAC+

    Nugeni STEAMPAC+

    The Nugeni STEAMPAC+ is the ultimate solution for a sanitized, deodorized and sparkling clean home – without the use of chemicals! Clean green, with no sacrifice in performance. With the full accessory kit (included), you can clean most anything - from fabric to toys, shower tile to appliances.

    Available at My Negeni and Amazon. MSRP $159.99

  • TheGreenGloveDryer Floor Air Vent Dryer

    TheGreenGloveDryer Floor Air Vent Dryer

    Thegreenglovedryer is a Non-Electric, glove, mitten, shoe & boot dryer for use with your home or office's forced air heating system. Simply place thegreenglovedryer over a floor register or against a baseboard register and slide the wet articles on six nozzles for thorough drying inside.

    Available at TheGreenGloveDryer and Amazon. MSRP $19.95

  • Star Shower Window Wonderland

    Star Shower Window Wonderland

    Star Shower Window Wonderland is a projector that transforms average windows into spectacular displays! Place the projector near any window. Add the adjustable 4-feet by 6-feet, easy fit screen. Select the built-in movie you want to play and start the show. Each holiday-themed video plays for approximately 16-seconds, then repeats itself. Includes a total of 12 videos – 6 Halloween and 6 Christmas!

    Available at Bulb-Head and Amazon. MSRP $19.99 - Visit my Instagram Page to see it in action!

  • Cube Mood & Utility LED Light

    Cube Mood & Utility LED Light

    The CUBE is powerful enough to light up an entire room yet small enough to fit in any pocket. It has multiple color settings which make them great to light up parties and table dressings. There are three levels of white brightness that can be used for anything from reading lights to centerpieces.

    Available at Enevu and Amazon. MSRP $29.90

  • GuruNanda Honeycomb Oil Diffuser Set

    GuruNanda Honeycomb Oil Diffuser Set

    The GuruNanda Honeycomb Oil Diffuser is an easy-to-use, high quality 100 ml ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that utilizes ultrasonic waves to diffuse the essential oil for up to 7 hours. GuruNanda Honeycomb Essential Oil Diffuser comes with two FREE oils.

    Available at GuruNanda and Amazon. MSRP $29.99

  • Meori Foldable Storage Boxes

    meori Foldable Storage Boxes

    Available at Meori and Amazon. Prices Vary

  • ZEEQ Smart Pillow

    ZEEQ Smart Pillow

    ZEEQ Smart Pillow combines personal audio sound, sleep tracking and snoring solution technology for the most soothing, restful night of sleep possible. Featuring adjustable foam fill and a high-quality pillow cover made with moisture-wicking Tencel botanic fiber, this memory foam pillow combines sleep technology with luxurious comfort.

    Available at REM-fit and Amazon. MSRP $299.99

  • SNOOZ White Noise Machine

    SNOOZ White Noise Machine

    Snooz features a real fan, creating a natural sound and, with the fan inside the sleek, modern-looking case, there’s no blowing cold air. There’s even an app to control power, volume and scheduled shut-off times. 

    Available at Get Snooz and Amazon. MSRP $79.99

  • Brush Hero Detail Brush Set

    Brush Hero Detail Brush Set

    Brush Hero uses water pressure alone to power its turbine and busts the grime in only seconds. An awesome gift for the car, motorcycle, or bike enthusiast in your life, it also comes with an array of custom cleaning accessories to tackle every job you can imagine. The set includes Brush Hero Pro, Soap Star, Muck Buster, 18" Extension Wand, and Sidekick Mini Microfiber Towels.

    Available at Brush Hero and Amazon. MSRP $99.99

  • Dyson Cyclonic Suction Hand Vacuum

    Dyson Cyclonic Suction Hand Vacuum

    The Dyson V6 Trigger cordless handheld vacuum has a low-battery indicator, and its unique nickel manganese cobalt battery provides more than 20 minutes of cleaning time with only a three-hour charge. Its ergonomic design reduces wrist strain, and a hygienic one-button system empties waste directly into the garbage. Its superior features include brush and crevice tools, a washable filter, and a charging indicator. Recharges via AC with the included adapter.

    Available at Hammacher and Amazon. MSRP $199.99

  • Aera Smart 2.0 Holiday Diffuser Set

    Aera Smart 2.0 Holiday Diffuser Set

    Aera’s smart home fragrance diffuser includes your choice of one holiday fragrance; Celebrations, Glow or Snowfall. The hypoallergenic scent technology emits a dry vapor of fragrance with no heat, no VOCs, and no residue. The fully adjustable settings 1-10 ensure a scent experience perfectly tailored to your home. Create scenting schedules with the app to extend the life of your fragrance capsules!

    Available at Aera for the Home and Amazon. MSRP $179.99

  • Teleflora Vintage Sleigh Bouquet

    Teleflora Vintage Sleigh Bouquet


    This delightful arrangement includes red roses, red carnations, red miniature carnations, flat cedar, douglas fir, variegated holly and noble fir, hand-delivered in a charming metal sleigh keepsake!


    Available at Teleflora. Prices Start at $64.99

  • McNutt Merino Lambswool Throw

    Axent Home Goods: McNutt Merino Lambswool Throw

    This Facebook shop specializes in affordable quality home accents from around the world. Running the gamut from the modern and design-forward to the traditional and exotic. The online shop is regularly updated with new products ranging from Turkish rugs to Irish wool throws to Uzbek cushions (many of them one of a kind!).

    Available on MSRP $110

  • Web Riderz Superhero Swing

    Web Riderz Superhero Swing

    Promoting friend play and multiple riders. More than a swing, it's a spinning indoor/outdoor platform for fun. Two spring clips make this swing ready to hang from your favorite tree or play system. Hang from two points for your traditional back-and-forth swing or from a single point to spin merry-go-round style.

    Available at M & M Sales Inc. and Amazon. MSRP $119

  • All-In Organizer - Check Mate

    All in One Organizer: Check Mate

    The All-In Organizer is a versatile catch-all that’s great for organizing or transporting small items from one place to another. Two exterior mesh pockets are perfect for holding water bottles or baby bottles while you’re out running errands or taking a day trip.

    Available at Thirty-One Gifts. MSRP $20

  • Bedgear M1X Performance Mattress

    Bedgear M1X Performance Mattress

    The M1X Performance Mattress features React+, a weightless support surface layer that reduces heat for cooler comfort. The layered construction alleviates the "sink" created by all memory foam beds by adding a core layer of Boost+ support to keep you elevated. The addition of over 950 contouring Micro-Curl® support coils, each individually pocketed to adapt to the shape of your body, creates personalized support and reduces pressure points throughout the night.

    Available at Bedgear. MSRP $1199/Queen

  • Mini Storage Bin - Hello Holiday

    Mini Storage Bin: Hello Holiday

    The perfect catch-all storage bin for every room in the house – with extra holiday flair from the new Hello Holiday print. Fill it with gifts and treats for a thoughtful gift basket or as holiday décor in your home. Convenient side handles make each bin easy to carry from room to room.

    Available at Thirty-One Gifts. MSRP $22

  • Close to Home Tray

    Close to Home Tray

    The Close to Home Tray is the perfect tray for dinner parties, holiday gatherings, family get-togethers, or just snack time. Made of mango wood with iron handles for carrying, the Close to Home Tray cleans easily with a damp cloth. Personalize your tray with your initials or your favorite inspirational words, or personalize it for a friend or family members as a gift.

    Available at Thirty-One Gifts. MSRP $58

  • Treemote


    Treemote solves the daily task of switching holiday lights on and off by using the wireless Treemote device. To use, plug the white receiver into any wall outlet, and then plug a string of lights into the receiver. Using the green tree-shaped remote, customers can then control the lights from up to 80 feet away. 

    Available at Treemote and Amazon. MSRP $19.99

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