The Review Wire Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Stocking Stuffers The Review Wire Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Stocking Stuffers

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Stocking Stuffers #reviewwireguide

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Stocking Stuffers

  • Thirty-One Gifts Avenue Scarf

    Thirty-One Gifts Avenue Scarf

    The perfect way to add flair to any outfit or Thirty-One bag, this beautiful scarf will update your look in an instant. It’s a great everyday look to get you ready for whatever adventure comes next.

    Available at MSRP $28

  • Lakeside Collection

    The Lakeside Collection

    The Lakeside Collection has proudly served America's shoppers for more than a decade, committed to customer service and satisfaction. With incredible low prices and great selection, the best things in life don't have to cost a fortune.

    Available at

  • Pokemon Figures

    Pokémon Figures: Ash and Pikachu

    Go on an adventure with everyone’s favorite Pokémon trainer! This detailed 5” Ash figure features 13 points of articulation for endless action. Ash comes equipped with his Kalos Pokédex and a Poké Ball and is accompanied by his trusty pal Pikachu.

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $13

  • At Home Decor Superstore

    At Home Decor Superstore

    At Home is the home décor superstore that provides endless possibilities at an unbeatable value. From quirky to traditional, modern to exotic, they pride ourselves on having something for everyone. Express your personal style by choosing from the expansive selection of patio furniture, home furnishings, wall décor and decorative accents, rugs and housewares.

    Available at

  • Bo-Po Nail Polish

    Bo-Po Nail Polish

    Bo-Po (Brush-On-Peel-Off) is a unique, mess-free, nontoxic, water based formula that goes on like real nail polish and dries in seconds. Girls can brush on their own nail polish then peel it off again and again… no nail polish remover required! With the innovative spill-proof bottle, mom doesn't need to supervise!

    Available at Amazon. MSRP $30

  • Holiday Specs 3D Christmas Glasses

    Holiday Specs 3D Christmas Glasses

    These Christmas 3D Glasses feature lenses that transform ordinary holiday lights, city lights, street lights, and more into magical holiday images. Holiday Specs 3D Christmas Glasses are great stocking stuffers & party favors for the season. Available in paper and plastic frames.

    Available at Prices Vary

  • Old Factory Soap Goats Milk Soap Sampler

    Goats Milk Soap Sampler

    Feed your skin with his sampler containing tiny bars of Mint & Mary, Field & Flower, Milk & Honey, Herb & Soil, Orange & Clove, and Sea & Foam. These bars are master crafted by Old Factory in small batches.

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $15

  • Bag of Reindeer Farts

    Bag of Reindeer Farts

    Children and adults will laugh over the hilarious gift idea of receiving farts for a present. Each bag contains a single serving size sealed bag of packed strawberry cotton candy. The cotton candy is Made in the USA.

    Available at Amazon. MSRP $10

  • Reindeer Littles Carry-All Caddy

    Reindeer Littles Carry-All Caddy

    This classic caddy is an adorable alternative for stocking stuffers or to carry holiday cookies and treats. The exterior mesh pocket allows you to add a note or a fun surprise. Also available in "Santa Suit" design.

    Available at MSRP $12

  • Avon Holiday

    Avon’s Festive Holiday Collection

    Avon is offering up party-ready products perfect for all the makeup lovers on your list – including yourself. There’s plenty here to make you and your loved ones feel merry and bright... new for the season: Mega Metals Collection in eyeliner, eyeshadow, and nailpolish,  Joyful Treats Lip Balms, and a Makeup Artist Palette!

    Available at Prices Vary

  • The Secret Life of Pets

    The Secret Life of Pets Blu-ray DVD

    When their owners leave for the day, pets from the building gossip with their friends, satisfy their sweet tooths, and throw outrageous parties. But when a pampered terrier and his unruly new "roommate" from the pound get lost in the urban jungle of New York City, they must put aside their differences to survive the epic journey back home.

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $35

  • Happy Yummies Gourmet Gummies

    Happy Yummies Gourmet Gummies Super Bear

    The Happy Yummies Retail location opened in the NY Area's largest mall. And everyone went gummy and totally loved the super, tummy, happy tasted! So finally they decided to package them so everyone can enjoy them even if they can't make it to the mall.

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $9.50

  • Zoku Travel Tumbler

    Zoku Travel Tumbler

    The double-walled design keeps drinks insulated and your hands warm and dry on the outside. Sealing is a snap with the press-fit lid. And the silicone holder keeps your straw in place no matter where you take it.

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $12

  • Toddy Gear Tech Accessories

    Toddy Gear Tech Accessories

    Toddy Gear offers a functional and fashionable line of premium microfiber products carefully crafted for effective, scratch-free cleaning of extremely sensitive surfaces. In addition to microfibers, Toddy offers power bank portable chargers, mobile device stands, home buttons, and charging cables all in fun and funky patterns and designs.

    Available at and Amazon. Prices Vary

  • Kontrol Freek Gaming Gear

    Kontrol Freek Gaming Gear

    KontrolFreek offers gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience and give gamers of all skill levels the competitive edge. KontrolFreek products are developed based on a careful study of ergonomics, ensuring each product also helps to reduce gamer fatigue, improving overall gaming comfort.

    Available at and Amazon. Prices Vary

  • PrisamaColor

    Prismacolor Sets

    Premier Soft Core Colored Pencils: Thick cores of color last long to bring bold statements to life, while soft leads make them the best tool to blend in or shade away. They’re vivid and intense in one stroke and subtle and soft in the next. 24 Colors MSRP $40

    Premier Illustration Markers: Take your pick from multiple tip sizes to experience paintbrush-like strokes in the convenience of a marker. Go with the fine tip for serious precision and control. 8 Count MSRP $12

    Available at and Amazon.

  • EarZings Pierce-Free Earrings

    EarZings Pierce-Free Earrings

    EarZings are the perfect pierce-free earring for any age! The patented coil design gently hugs the ear with unmatched pierce-free comfort and the coil keeps them secure all day long- plus they look so real!

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $15

  • Axe Men

    AXE Men’s Products

    AXE wants guys to shed outdated views of masculinity to embrace what makes them unique. The brand has launched new experiences and products designed to help guys express their personal style, including the AXE Collective with John Legend, the Instagroom content series and the new AXE Advanced Collection grooming line. AXE features products for hair, fragrance, body wash and deodorant.

    Available at and Amazon. Prices Vary

  • For The Love of Makeup Artist Palette

    For The Love of Makeup Artist Palette

    This gorgeous palette includes everything you need to create multiple beautiful looks in one place.
    Features: 30 Eyeshadows, 5 Lip Glosses, 3 Blushes, 2 Highlighters, 1 Contour, 1 Dual-Ended Eye Applicator, 1 Lip Applicator and 1 Cheek Applicator!

    Available at MSRP $20

  • LaBrea Bakery

    La Brea Bakery Bread

    Holiday Stuffing Loaf: This unique savory loaf is infused with sage, celery, thyme and black and white pepper (SRP: $3.99) White Chocolate Cranberry Loaf: Sweet, creaminess of white chocolate balanced by the tartness of cranberries with sublet sour notes (SRP: $4.49)

    Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Loaf Cake: Spiced, moist pumpkin loaf with a luscious cream cheese swirl, topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin is slightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg (SRP: $4.99) Gingerbread Loaf Cake: Delicate, moist, spiced gingerbread cake with hints of ginger, molasses, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Topped with delicious candied ginger streusel (SRP: $4.99)

    Available at Prices Vary

  • Otis Spunkmeyer

    Otis Spunkmeyer

    Introducing a new, delicious treat for a limited time: Chocolate Frosted Crème Cakes. All Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and cakes are made with NO artificial flavors or colors, NO high fructose corn syrup, and NO partially hydrogenated oils. The perfect gift for the health-minded sweet-tooth on your holiday list!

    Available at and Amazon. Prices Vary

  • Rubik's Cube 4x4

    Rubik’s Cube 4×4

    This Rubik's Cube is bigger, better and more mind-boggling. Building on the classic 3x3" cube, this large model is 4x4" and requires some fun new twists and turns. The 4x4 requires different moves to solve than the original 3x3, and it's more challenging.

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $22

  • Angry Mama

    Angry Mama

    Made with non-toxic materials, just fill Angry Mama with vinegar and water, turn on your microwave and watch her go to work! The pressurized steam cleaner melts tough, caked and baked-on residue while leaving your microwave looking clean and smelling fresh.

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $10

  • TheHYDRA Smartbottle

    TheHYDRA Smartbottle

    All of the essential features packed in a compact and portable SmartBottle! When traveling, you will stay hydrated in a large 20oz water bottle, with 4000 mah of backup battery, 5W powerful Bluetooth speaker, a microphone for hands-free connection, LED light with flashing red for emergencies, bright white or rainbow light. TheHYDRA's has a hidden chamber to stash small loose valuables and TheHYDRA SmartBottle: Nighttime Sleeper App sends soothing sounds. Whoa, that's one Smartbottle!

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $60

  • Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens

    Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens

    With a contoured rubber grip for writing comfort, experience the dynamic gel ink formula that's smooth writing and smear-proof. Retractable and refillable, G2 offers extreme value with longest lasting ink! Pack of 20 assorted color fine point pens (5 black, 2 blue, 1 each: burgundy, caramel, green, hunter green, lime, navy, orange, pink, purple, periwinkle, red, teal, and turquoise).

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $20

  • Bluetooth Selfie Remote

    Bluetooth Selfie Remote

    A convenient retro Bluetooth selfie remote keychain that works with any smartphone. Includes useful stand to keep your phone steady that fits inside your wallet or purse.

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $12

  • Freshly Baked Donut Cup Warmer

    Freshly Baked Donut Cup Warmer

    Simply connect it to a USB port and you'll be enjoying warm drinks. This glazed pink beauty complete with sprinkles keeps your coffee, tea, hot cocoa and hot toddies at just the right temperature to help you power through your day or night!

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $16

  • SCOSCHE Noise Isolation Earbuds

    SCOSCHE Noise Isolation Earbuds

    thudBUDS produce genuine acoustics, solid mids and bursting bass. These simple, yet refined buds let you hear your music the way it was meant to be heard. thudBUDS are lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable. Adjust volume, change tracks, play/pause, take handsfree calls and more from the integrated slideLINE controls and mic.

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $25

  • olloclip MACRO PRO LENS SET

    olloclip Macro Pro Lens Set iPhone 7

    The Macro Pro Lens Set delivers the world’s best optical experience by transforming iPhone into a digital microscope or loupe. Advanced six-element optics get extra close to analyze, document and share beautiful macro photography and videography with edge-to-edge clarity. Simply choose the level of optical magnification you want (7x, 14x or 21x) and achieve crisp close-up photos with greater depth-of-field and less pincushion distortion.

    Available at and Amazon. MSRP $80

  • Espionage Cosmetics: Nerd Manicures

    Espionage Cosmetics: Nerd Manicures

    Nerd Makeup and Nerd Manicures? Espionage Cosmetics features a line of makeup and nail wraps inspired by things the Nerd Brigade loves including comic books, video games, and sundry things throughout pop culture!

    Available on Amazon as the company is no longer in business.

  • Fisher Space Pens

    Fisher Space Pens

    Fisher Space Pens write upside down, underwater, through grease, in freezing cold, scorching heat and three times longer than the average pen with an estimated shelf life of 100 years.

    Fisher 50th Anniversary Pen: This 50th Anniversary Pen was inspired by the artisans who defined the mid-century modern movement. Everything from the sleek pen profile to the geometric moon-cycle engraving, to the accented gold finger grip, was carefully designed to portray the company’s milestone and historic role in space exploration. Loop Tree Holiday Pen: When closed, it is the perfect size to carry anywhere. When open it's a full sized, evenly balanced writing instrument.

    Available at and Amazon. Prices Vary

  • Glasses


    Know someone who could use some stylish reading glasses? At Readers, they hand-pick over 600 unique styles of readers with up to 14 power options and powers that are hard-to-find at other stores. You never have to worry about getting the wrong style, if you are not 100% happy with your reading glasses, they take them back!

    Available at Prices Vary

  • NailSnaps Custom Nail Wraps

    NailSnaps Custom Nail Wraps

    With NailSnaps, transform social images into salon-quality custom nail wraps that can be applied at home in minutes. NailSnaps houses the largest database of purchasable nail designs in the world with over 60K designs created by a global community of artists, fans, and fashionistas!

    NailSnaps is now

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    Love that Angry Mama! Would make a great little gift.

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    December 3, 2016 at 10:43 am

    These are all very good ideas for stocking stuffers. I was disappointed that I didn’t see a Holiday Gift Guide for Pets on your blog. Do you have one listed?

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