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Head Back to the Dorm for Less with Costoffs

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With a son heading off to the dorm in the fall, the fun of shopping for his home away from home has begun! Something that we have realized is dual-purpose items are a must! As well as finding items that will not break the bank, since I am sure teenage boys in a dorm will be breaking enough as it is!

At Costoffs, they are dedicated to producing reliable furniture with versatile uses and timeless looks at a reasonable price. “We make affordable furniture for small spaces, and he believes that everyone deserves a comfortable and convenient living space” – Sonny, Founder.

Types of Desks to Consider:

Computer Desk

Computer desks are often equipped with several drawers, cabinets, and shelves for plenty of storage space. The perfect option for a small space.

Computer Desk with Drawers and Storage-Costoffs

Computer Desk with Drawers and Storage ($97)


Writing Desk

These are designed for those who don’t need many files, papers, and other items that are very close to them. They are always simple and modern in design, with a large and clean rectangular surface, four legs, and an open underneath compartment. Sometimes there are small drawers on the side and extra hutches.

Writing Computer Desk Modern Work Station-Costoffs

Writing Computer Desk Modern Work Station ($150)


Mobile Computing Desk 

These desks often feature adjustable height and wheels, which allows you to work in any place you like without restrictions. The biggest drawback is that it comes with a compact-sized tabletop, which may only hold a laptop or a notebook.

Home Office 2 Tier Computer Desk Workstation-Costoffs

Home Office 2 Tier Computer Desk Workstation ($97)


L-shape Desk

The L-shaped desk allows you to change between different tasks or screens easily.

We received an L-shaped desk for my son. He recently built his own computer and loves playing online, and needed more space for the second monitor he just bought. He had the desk built by himself within half an hour, mind you, he is only fourteen. He said it was easy to assemble, and the instructions were clear and easy to read. This L-shaped writing desk measures 147cm/58”L, 112cm/44”W, 74cm/29”H overall.

The Review Wire: Costoffs L-shaped Desk Review

The Review Wire: Costoffs L-shaped Desk Review

Types of Chair:

Ergonomic Office Chair 

The ergonomic office chair is specially designed for those at their desk every day. This breathable mid-back design features a densely knitted mesh backrest; this mesh office chair allows better airflow, accelerating heat and moisture dissipation. The mid-back design supports your spine’s natural curve and protects your lower and middle back as it prompts you to sit straight.

Ergonomic Office Chair-Costoffs

Ergonomic Office Chair ($110)


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Gaming Chair

If you like the cool look of the gaming chair, it is worth buying to be your home office chair. Apart from the design, most gaming chairs have bigger seats and higher backrests than normal office chairs, which is more suitable for large-sized people. It also has a headrest, lumbar support pillow, armrests, and even a footrest that is comforting after those early morning classes.

High-Back Computer Gaming Chair-Costoffs

High-Back Computer Gaming Chair ($150)


Storage Options

You might want to think outside the box for different storage ideas; this is where the dual-purpose furniture will come in handy.

4 Tier Foldable Wooden Flower Stand

You might want to consider a plant stand that could also double for knick-knacks. This shelving unit can be a display stand for plants, photos, handicrafts, books. It can also serve as a fancy storage shelf for toiletries, towels in the bathroom. You can use this in the dorm, patio, balcony, etc.

4 Tiers Wooden Flower Stand-Costoffs

4 Tiers Wooden Flower Stand ($77)


3-Tier Slide Out Storage Tower/Bathroom Rack Rolling Castor

The pull-out storage tower is perfect for use in the dorm, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, etc. This tower provides ample storage space for items and helps you to keep everything organized.

3 Tiers Slim Storage Tower-Costoffs

3 Tiers Slim Storage Tower ($43)


4-in-1 Large Capacity Trolley Makeup Case

Keep all your bathroom essentials in one place when heading from the dorm to the bathroom. A transformable makeup trolley case consists of 4 detachable compartments which can be freely combined as your demands. The top compartment can be used as a small makeup carrying case; the middle two drawers can be removed to make this 4-in-1 makeup case into a 3-in-1/2-in-1 case according to your work requirements.

4-in-1 Aluminum Cosmetic Case-Costoffs

4-in-1 Aluminum Cosmetic Case ($150)


Beauty Trolley Rolling Cart

A rolling cart has a top working area with several compartments & appliance holders such as two hairdryer holders. It offers 5 Slide-Out Drawers to store more makeup or tools.

Hairdressing Trolley-Costoffs

Hairdressing Trolley ($70)

Make sure to take note of the size of the dorm area and measure doors and the area itself to ensure that everything will fit!

Shipping from Costoffs was quick! By the time my order was placed, I had the desk within days! All orders will be processed within 1 working day of receiving payment, excluding weekends and public holidays. Plus, you will receive email updates at each stage of the order process. The best part… shipping is FREE for the US via standard courier service!

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