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Hasbro Simon Flash Review

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I remember having the big black round Simon Game when I was young, I loved playing Simon (to be honest I think my mom still has it!) Well, now Hasbro has a  new Simon Flash that will have players on the edge of their seat as they slide, swap, shuffle and touch hand-held game pieces in a fresh and frenzied take on this classic 80s game. The iconic Simon game is transformed from its traditional round, console design into four sleek, freestanding electronic game tiles. Simon Flash also comes with a convenient travel case – making it perfect for entertaining kids on long trips to visit family and friends!

Simon Flash offers four unique games in one!

  • Simon Classic: successfully repeat the growing sequence of colored lights
  • Simon Shuffle: a pattern of lights is revealed in a flash, but the lights then shuffle, and players have to get them back to the original pattern.
  • Simon Lights Off: Line up all the cubes in the correct order to make all the lights turn off. Move quickly, though; the game only lasts for 90 seconds!
  • Simon Secret Color: keep rearranging the cubes until they all light up the same color.

My boys loved playing this in the classic mode. This didn’t require shuffling them around but just concentrating on what colors appeared. My little one liked that they just lit up, and he had to put them in order. Although it is technically for ages eight and up, this is a great way to help my four-year-old with memory and patterns. I love that there is a variety of ways to play the game.

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    Candyland is a favorite around our house.

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    My family loves playing BuzzWord together

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    We love playing Yahtzee together! This looks fun too!!

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    Our family loves to play Tropical Tycoon Monopoly together. The game has a dvd that you use for part of the play. My kids love it. hickenfam at hotmail dot com

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    We like to play Monopoly & Candy Land (with my daughter)

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    Since it is only myself and my child we do a lot of “pretend” play but recently we have taken a liking to those seek and find books!

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    we like to play canasta

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