Gussy Up Your Home for The Holidays With Dr. Doormat Gussy Up Your Home for The Holidays With Dr. Doormat

Gussy Up Your Home for The Holidays With Dr. Doormat

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Are you looking to make a change to your house this holiday season? Gussy up your front porch with a small change like a doormat. Dr. Doormat is the first antimicrobial doormat designed for home use. The treatment used on the fibers of the mat destroy microbes on contact, so you bring fewer toxins and allergens into your home. It’s the doormat that truly makes a healthier home!

Dr. Doormat

The antimicrobial treatment is completely non-toxic – so you don’t have to worry about your children’s and pet’s safety. Rather than poisoning microbes, the fibers rupture the cell membranes of microbes!

Read more about how Dr. Doormat works! Wipe your feet on Dr. Doormat at least twice to remove up to 99% of debris on shoes – it’s great for pets’ feet too.

  • Dr. Doormat is Made in the USA – buying locally made products is the sustainable way to shop.
  • Dr. Doormat is made with eco-friendly materials, including recycled yarn, natural rubber, and a nontoxic antimicrobial treatment.
  • Dr. Doormat keeps your home cleaner, allowing you to use fewer cleaning products.
  • High-quality, washable and reusable doormat lasts a long time, so fewer resources are used up.
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Debbie Greenspan, founder, and CEO of Dr. Doormat, shares:

I created Dr. Doormat because I wanted to make my home as safe and healthy as possible for my children. Making the product environmentally friendly was a natural choice that reflects my values as a Mom.

Now is a great time to snag Dr. Doormat for yourself or for holiday gifts. In order to make room for new inventory, All house size mats are now available at 50% off! 


  • House Size Only
  • All Colors- no restrictions on quantity while supplies last.
  • Retail $46.99 House size (24″x36″x3/8″) Now $23.50!

Order yours now from Dr. Doormat. Happy Holidays!!

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    Tammy Woodall
    November 17, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    I’ve heard good things about Mr.Doormat’s mats. I like the fact that the mats are washable and re-useable which ultimately means they will last a long time. The discount is great. Thanks for the information.

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