Gorilla Band 3D Storybook App Gorilla Band 3D Storybook App

Gorilla Band 3D Storybook App Review

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Gorilla Band 3D Storybook with Music – Wasabi Productions

Gorilla Band offers 3D visuals, which almost looks like CGI Animation. The rhyming story follows 2 gorillas who attend the Jungle Music School and play the piano and the violin, both who think it is quite boring. While not too far away in the jungle are two gorillas who are practicing on the drums and guitar. They soon join forces to start a band but a few other gorillas were missing like a saxophone player, double bass player, conga drums player, and a singer. Once you find all the performers, watch the Gorilla Band Perform! Each page offers touch screen activities and 3D graphics that move around. You are able to play games as well as read the story. Within the storybook feature, you can choose “Read to Me” or “Read Myself”. The read to me also offers highlighted text when read aloud.

Gorilla Band


Extras Include:

Gorilla Band Dance: While access to the video is protected via a 3-second hold link, this feature does take you to YouTube, this I did not care for. The Gorilla Band Dance should be a feature that is available within the app instead of taking children to YouTube. While the Gorilla Band Dance is the same song that is featured under the “More Songs” section, the graphics are different.

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Play Studio Game: Within this game, you have two ways to play. The first is to find the instrument that has the same name. The name of the instrument is shown along with a voice that says the name. The second way to play is by finding the instrument that makes the same sound that is played and clicking on the gorilla that is playing it.

More Songs: There are two additional songs called Sleepy Song and Gorilla Band Song. Each song is a video performed by the Gorilla Band. The words also appear on the top of the screen.

Gorilla Band App


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    Sherry Compton
    August 25, 2013 at 6:45 am

    I like that you can choose read to me or for your kids to read. This allows several age and reading levels to enjoy. Kids will like the music factor and games and laugh at the gorillas dancing.

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