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Glitter Tattoos Review

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If your child has seen the commercials for the Glitter Tattoos I’m sure you’ve heard about them! That’s how I found out about them from Mini-Me, who just turned 5! {Yeah, I let my kids watch tv so I can get work done, judge me if ya want!} I was sure to save them for her birthday and let me tell ya, her jaw dropped when she opened them!Glitter Toos Review

After the Birthday Bowling Party, we came home and the first thing she did was ask to put on a glitter tattoo…although Mommy was tired I agreed, after all, it was her birthday! I had planned for a disaster. I mean glitter + girls = a disaster waiting to happen. But, it actually went pretty smoothly!

I gently removed the unicorn stencil {after it took Mini Me 10 minutes to decide which one to try first!} and stuck it on her arm. I then applied a light layer of the glue and Impatiently waited about a minute until the glue was more of a clear color. I then dusted the two glitter colors on with two separate brushes that were supplied and was noticing a smile from ear to ear on Mini’s face the ENTIRE time.

Glitter Toos ReviewShe immediately loved her Glitter Too and we gave her the opportunity to give one to Daddy! We even put one on Sissy’s leg…I mean this stuff is non-toxic so go on and tat the entire family!

Glitter Toos are not your average glitter tattoo! They have been crafted in the USA, with quality, non-toxic materials. From the glitter to the glue, all elements were specially formulated to be safe for the skin and they add the right about of bling to any outfit! The glitter used is pure metalized polyester – absolutely no fillers and buffers and they have a special cosmetic cut so that if a child gets it in their eye there will be no irritation. The glue is something that Glitter Toos is especially proud of. It is water based with absolutely no parabens, preservatives, or fillers – just water, guar gum and an encapsulated acrylic adhesive that makes it the safest on the market.

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You can even make a party out of the Glitter Toos! At just $15.95 per kit, you can afford to purchase two Glitter Toos kits and let the kids go to town!!! It’ll be a lot of fun an a party favor they can take home  {unless they leave their body part at your house, but, in that case, you have other issues!  ;)}

Each kit comes with 15 Stencils, 6 Glitter colors, 4 Applicator Brushes, True Glue and of course instructions. I would love to have seen a re-usable stencil that we could wash and re-use. Being that the paper stencil gets glue and glitter on it, it’s VERY hard to wash off and there was a mess left over on the stencil. While I tried to re-use the unicorn stencil it just didn’t stick to her arm and was very difficult to use a second time. Therefore, you’ll end up having a lot of glitter left over without any stencils. I was very happy that I was able to clean the brushes and re-use them…I washed the brushes as soon as I was done applying the glue and glitter…remember to use a separate brush for the glue and the glitter!

Glitter Toos are fun for the entire family…whether you have a know-it-all teen, a crabby toddler or hosting a family function, Glitter Toos will keep the conversation flowing and everyone entertained! There are designs for holidays, girls, teens, boys, sports fans, animal lovers and everything in between.

I was provided with product for this review. All views and opinions with regard to the Glitter Tattoos Review or the company are my own and were not influenced by the company.

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  1. Avatar
    Rich Hicks
    February 20, 2013 at 9:21 am

    These look like so much fun. I am sure the kids would have so much fun with the tattoos and their friends

  2. Avatar
    Jane Ritz
    February 20, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Oh Boy, that looksd that fun. I’m a Mimi and that looks like a wonderful thing to get for my 5 year old granddaughter. She would have a ball. Your review is great by the way.

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