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Give a Meat Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

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You know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? Give him something this year that he won’t be expecting… a meat bouquet made from salami sticks!

We received a bouquet of this meaty deliciousness! The bouquet comes with five Columbus brand 8oz sticks featuring: Peppered Chub, Sopressata Chub, Calabrese Chub, Chorizo Chub, Italian Dry Chub. This is a seasonal product, so you better order before its gone!

The Review Wire: Man Crates Salami Bouquet The Review Wire: Man Crates Salami Bouquet










Salami Bouquet

These seasoned salami sticks are attached to stems, wrapped as a bouquet, and hidden inside a boring, cliche flower box that can be delivered anywhere for a private or public declaration of delicious affection. It’s a delightful salami surprise that is sure to kickstart full-scale romance.

MSRP $60

The Review Wire Valentine Guide 2020: Man Crates Salami Bouquet


Check out these other gifts, sure to spark a fire (in his stomach)!

Jerky Heart

Man Crates Jerky Heart

Spring the perfect romantic rouse with a sappy, heart-shaped box suggesting the tiresome chocolates of every year. But upon opening, his humdrum expectations and coarse, emotional exterior will be melted away by a passionate gesture of jerky. Ten knee-weakening flavors of tender beef strips like Sesame Ginger, Ghost Pepper, or Root Beer Habanero.

MSRP $35


Personalized Whiskey Crate

Man Crates Personalized Whiskey Crate

This set of square whiskey glasses are intentionally bottom-loaded to flaunt your gravitas. The Tovolo ice molds, pristine ice crystal spheres, have a slower melting rate, keeping your whiskey chilled longer and tasting stronger. And aesthetically, they pair perfectly with the solid slate coasters, the marble floors of the coaster world, to give your whiskey experience a more rugged, natural ambiance. Your name will be laser etch into the thick glass.

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MSRP $110


Candy Emojis

Man Crates Candy Emojis

Modern times call for modern love notes, and these Emoji Hearts are a delicious and clever way to display your affection. One box of these fun and flirty candies is perfect for a romantic day-date, and the other has naughty emojis perfect for sweetening up… you know… what comes after. No matter his tastes, these tantalizing treats will make him eat his candied heart out.

MSRP $20


Fantasy Football Trophy Pack

Man Crates Fantasy Football Trophy Pack

Immortalize his league’s Fantasy Football victor with this handsome, personalized trophy, and a generous helping of any apex predator’s favorite snack: delicious, tender meats. Celebrate a successful Fantasy Football season, and immortalize triumph (and humiliating defeat) with the Fantasy Football Trophy Pack.

MSRP $60


The Bacon Crate

Man Crates The Bacon Crate

Start with Carnivore Candy’s Jalapeño and Old Fashioned Maple Bacon Jerky. Then he can get his bacon fix from the other bacon-flavored snacks: Bourbon Bacon Seasoning Grinder, Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle, and Terrapin Ridge Farms Hot Pepper Bacon Jam.

MSRP $60

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  1. Shannon Gurnee
    February 7, 2020 at 9:04 pm

    I would be all over that!! I know my husband would too. What a great idea for a Valentine’s Day gift!

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